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  11:58:24 pm, by The Dreamer   , 147 words  
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Got my luggage

A lot sooner than I was expecting.... )-o

It looked to be in reasonable shape as it was rolling towards me....closer inspection, it was kind of grungy...and there's a strange bludge on one side. But, probably still usable.

And, the luggage lock was still intact and showing nobody had opened it with a TSA key.

But, it was another story when I opened it. I didn't see how bad at first, but there was a nice smell about things.... My bottle of Herbal Essence shampoo had gotten busted open....there were other bits that looked broken all about.

Though now that I've gone through everything....the shampoo bottle was probably the worst thing that got broken in there...and electric toothbrush the most expensive thing broke. The silk shirt I got for Christmas is proably more expensive, but it should wash out fine.

  09:37:34 pm, by The Dreamer   , 76 words  
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Got a call for US MHK

Seems, they have my luggage. Except they don't deliver bags (anymore). So, I would need to come down and pick it up.....which is kind of difficult for somebody that doesn't drive.... :**:

Don't know if I can wrangle a ride from anybody at this hour or tomorrow....being the Friday before a long weekend.

Wait! The guy at the airport has offered to bring it home to me after he get's off work...after 11pm.

Wow :>>


  11:04:36 pm, by The Dreamer   , 335 words  
Categories: Travel

Houston, we have a luggage problem -


I've been getting a lot of links, messages, emails on this news article....because I'm still wondering where my luggage is from the United flight of December 24th.

This evening I called again for an update....kept getting disconnected by the baggage line. Called customer relations....also kept getting disconnected. Finally (at about 6:55pm) instead of pressing a number between 1 and 4...I pressed 0, and got a person.

Who said I needed to call the baggage line, offered to transfer me....but disconnected me instead. When I called back (7:00pm), I was informed that they were now closed for the day.... >:(

Went to calling the baggage number....after about a dozen tries, I eventually landed in the hold queue to talk to an agent. But, the story was the same.... >:-(

The system shows the bag was last scanned at Kansas City International and is out for delivery, but no delivery information was available. Its been 2 days....I sure hope they aren't walking the bag from Kansas City....

The agent kept putting me on hold for 'some' time, as he tried to get more information on the actual delivery state of my luggage. Finally, he reported that it was being turned over to US Airways for expedited delivery to the Manhattan airport and eventually would get delivered to my home.

But, I should check back in 2-3 hours for an update on status. So, I did some work....and now I'm tired....:yawn:

But, since it has been 3.5 hours...a quick check of the online change. Still says it is being delivered, with a delivery date of December 25th, 2006 and time of between 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM. :##

Already stayed home from work during the day on the 26th waiting for it, though I did go in in the evening to get some work done. Since they've kept saying that I'll be called for delivery, I opted to go into work this morning...and I guess I'll continue to do so....all the while, waiting for the call. )-o


  04:52:34 pm, by The Dreamer   , 356 words  
Categories: Travel

I am never gonna fly United again!



I had a bad experience flying with United back in September, but apparently I didn't learn from that mistake....because I booked my holiday flight (December 19th-24th) on United again.

This time they misplaced my bag somewhere in Denver, as I flew home from Calgary to Kansas City....

I checked several times on the status on December 25th....when they finally reported it as found and that it would be delivered....with a delivery date of December 25th and a time of 12:00am-12:00am.

I called at 7:21am this morning, to see when it would get delivered. They said that they show it in Kansas City and that the delivery company picks up at 8am, so to call back at 9am if I don't get an update on its delivery status.

I called back at 10:06am, to get the status....after going through the automated system, it disconnected me. So, I called again at 10:09am. The agent says its showing as in Kansas City, but no delivery information is available. And, nobody there is answering their phones so they can't tell me anything more. But that they would send a priority message asking for status and to maybe call back later.

I called back at 4:08pm.....and 4:12pm....and 4:16pm....and then try customer relations line (another automated phone system) 3 times....each time with them finding some new creative way for the automated system to dump me off the line. Finally, I call the baggage line again...but this time I stay silent waiting for it to pass me to an agent....

This lands me on hold for an indeterminate amount of time.....but once again, the agent says that my bag is in Kansas City, but no delivery information has been entered. And, nobody there is answering the phone. So, I should call back in 3-4 hours to see if any progress has been made. I explain that this is one of those 'later' calls, but she won't help me further....and this time instead of ending the call by asking if there is anything else she can help me with, its just good bye.



  06:03:34 pm, by The Dreamer   , 152 words  
Categories: Digital Photography, Software, Computer, Travel

1Passwd: I plea insanity....



...because I just bought a license for this software, even though I don't yet own any Macs.

Thing is I'm looking forward to going on a trip soon, and I'm very likely going to take my work laptop with me. I hopefully have it sufficiently tweaked so I can do work while on holidays )-o

And, I decided that I should also look at what things I would like on it to fit my non-work needs.

The only other two areas that are probably missing from things are MSMoney and stuff related to digital photography.

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  09:06:48 am, by The Dreamer   , 155 words  
Categories: Wireless/iPhone, Travel

Pulse Bluetooth Dialup Networking Service


One thing I've missed since making the switch from my T-Mobile BlackBerry 7100t to my Sprint BlackBerry 8703e, is being able to use it as a modem.

So, I've been trying to do this...but so far not much luck. And since I now use a MacBookPro, I've been trying to do it both as a USB tethered and via Bluetooth.

But, now using this...I have the ability to connect to the Internet should I find myself somewhere without regular connectivity.

Did a quick mobile speed test, and clocked a respectible 56kbps.

Just need to figure out where I'm going to put the proxy server piece and then I'll have the option of getting online when I travel over the holidays.

I might even get better speed when I travel....Sprint's network isn't all that great around Manhattan, KS. Probably worse, given that I'm at work...where I'm not on their network at all.


  09:30:47 pm, by The Dreamer   , 100 words  
Categories: Wireless/iPhone, Travel, VoIP, WiFi

DPH-540 Talk Time

Well, just had my first long-ish phone was actually short at only 21 minutes. The battery guage is one line from empty.

But, since cell reception at work went from non-existent to full-5 bars....I guess I don't the WiFi phone for that, in fact I'm wondering if I still need it at all.

Especially since, I'll be doing less travel in the near future because of those darn terrorists. >:-(

Meanwhile, because my cell works at work now....I guess I should call T-Mobile and see about getting a local number. :o

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  10:17:02 am, by The Dreamer   , 498 words  
Categories: Travel

Just when I thought I was getting good at taking trips....

...the terrorists have to step up and ruin things for all of us. :##

During the last year, with the frequent two night trips abroad. I had become what I thought was pretty good at packing a carry-on plus laptop bag for these trips and avoiding the risk of damage or loss through checked bags.

There was that year, where everytime I checked bag would take an extra day to arrive. Or the time that somehow my belt had gotten broken....

But, now they don't allow liquids or pastes on carry that means I'll have to check my toiletry bag. Gonna be strange over night trips...where the tiny bag that could've gone as the plus one (for those that don't have laptops &#59;D) will now have to go as the checked bag.

Or do I use a big suitcase, where the only thing I have inside is a bottle of shampoo and a tube of toothpaste. With the toothpaste being the important one. Because, unless hotels have already caught up with the times...they probably don't offer this in their rooms yet.

Though I did stay at a hotel recently, where they didn't have the little bottle of shampoo available....just had to be one trip where I had decided not to pack the big bottle of shampoo that I normally pack. It was a business trip, was the business material that I was bringing with me, that caused me to leave the shampoo out of the carry-on.... Fortunately, I had a little bottle of shampoo from a previous trip in my carry-on. (obviously this trip was before the recently security changes).

My upcoming trip....SWC'86 20th year high school reunion....should be interesting. My mom did say she wanted to give me a whole bunch of stuff to take home with me. So, maybe I will have the big suitcase along for the trip. Even though it is a short two-nighter. Though it escaped me at the time...but I'll be flying back from Calgary, Alberta, Canada...on the 5 year anniversary of 9/11. Sure hope that it'll be an uneventful anniversary....

Not immediately sure if I'll pack a 26" upright pullman with only a tube of toothpaste or what. Probably leave out the big bottle of shampoo, to avoid the risk that something'll happen with the lack of padding and the rough handling....the other bag that is usually my checked a 28" upright pullman.

I did have a smaller upright rollaround carry on bag...but I threw it out along with other old suitcases (along with lots of other old things) during my recent move. Don't really want to buy a new small bag just for this trip....maybe I'll look through the box of free bags I got from my previous employer....I think I got a duffle bag one year.


  01:45:34 am, by The Dreamer   , 222 words  
Categories: General, ReplayTV, Time Warner/Cox Cable, Momitsu V880N, Travel, Broadband

Staying up for an early departure

Back on June 19/20, I blogged that I was staying up over night because I had an early AM flight and decided to just stay up for it. :yawn:

I found it incredibly difficult to do...and after a while, I seemed to run out of stuff to do online to keep myself occupied. So, I threw in some TV watching to help pass the time.

Well, now I'm trying to do it again.... :**:

Only, I'm finding it even harder to do...because I have no cable TV yet, and no broadband. I'm alternating between using my old AT&T BusinessNet dialup account and my BB7100t as a GPRS modem.

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  04:26:57 pm, by The Dreamer   , 106 words  
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Getting closer to Manhattan, Kansas


....I've charged my deposit on the move.

Now, I'm waiting to hear back when my actual move out date will be and the window of when my move in date is.

Hopefully, enough notice so I can find a one-way airplane ticket to get me there in between the two processes. And, start living in an empty place. Though I expect it to be better living in the empty place there than the empty place here. &#59;D

Still lots of do in packing and other preparations....and maybe start looking at change of address notification.

Also need to sort out some time to say some good-byes :..(

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