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  10:25:33 am, by The Dreamer   , 2145 words  
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SanDisk Cruzer Micro (2GB) w/U3

Yesterday I bought one of these from Best Buy. I had been on the fence for getting one for a while, since floppy drives are starting to get scare and CDs aren't practical. And, there'll be times where using the Internet be an option, either.

But, it came down to size for price and convenience. I have an iPod Shuffle, and I do have most of it set aside for space...but I never actually use it for data, because it isn't all that practical. I don't like the music part of it that much and having to deal with a cap that I can lose reduces my desire to actually carry it around.

During my recent trip, I got to thinking that there should be some way to better synchronize the data for RoboForm between my computers. And, read about GoodSync and later the Pass2Go product. Seemed the way to go with this might be a USB Flash Key, and possibly one with U3. Even though U3 isn't Mac, but then RoboForm isn't available for the Mac yet and I don't currently own one yet. But, I'm contemplating one to replace my old laptop....inaddition to the HTmac, I've been talking about building

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  04:00:00 am, by The Dreamer   , 645 words  
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ARGH!!! Hotels Suck!


At least the last two hotels that I've stayed at do.

Last month, I stayed at the Ramada Innn in Manhattan, KS. Where early in the morning there was a power outage, and the clock was blinking afterwards. If it weren't for the fact that it was a noisy building, that suddenly became very quiet, I wouldn't have known and could easily have missed waking up in time for my job interview. >:-(

This time around, I'm at the Holiday Inn in Manhattan, KS. Where some time during the night there was a power outage, and just now I noticed the clock blinking. This building is a quiet building, so I didn't notice it. I have no idea what prompted me to get up and glance at the clock, but it was a good thing that it happened. Because the actual time was about 15 minutes before I had set the alarm to wake me. So, I can catch my early morning flight back home. :##

I used to carry my own clock radio w/alarm....but I had stopped, to help cut down on weight/space when traveling (and staying in hotels), especially when trying to get two nights worth of clothing into an overnight bag, and since hotels are supposed to have alarm clocks in them. The other reason is the pain of trying to guess what might be a good radio station to wake up to. But, looks like I'll have to reconsider this. :**:

Should not that both hotels used alarm clocks that could've had a 9V installed to provide backup power.... :??:

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The death of dialup....

Long after I got broadband service, I continued to have a dialup ISP account. Namely with IBM->ATT Global->Business Net (I think that's how it evolved).... I was principally using the account so that I could access the Internet when traveling, though I did occasionally have to use it as backup for when my broadband was down. And, there was also the gap during my last move.

But, about a year and half now, I've been living landline free at home. So, using it as backup to my broadband....just doesn't work anymore. And, the amount of travel I do is so very little, and just about everywhere I've gone...there has been some kind of WiFi access. Free or Pay.

About the only reason I'm truly hesitant to give up the account, is the email address. For a long time it was my stable, non-free, non-personalized email address (and not dependent on any of the domains that I have registered....) Which was supposed to mean that it was the most reliable way to reach me. Except that it is 99.999% spam these days...and that's at a rate of 100's of messages per day.

So, I think it will be time to finally cancel my dialup account. Even though the monthly savings will be insignificant compared to the upcoming change in lifestyle....:**:

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WeatherPixies Revisited 2


In a previous post (now missing), I written how I was running three instances of the Yahoo! Widget for WeatherPixies on my laptop...and showed the pixies for them in the article.

Though I found out on a recent trip that the Widget consumes a significant amount of CPU, which is particular bad when you are running on battery....where the norm is to get 1.5 hours if I'm lucky...I suspect a combination of all the added widgets and perhaps the addition of memory to my laptop...I'm now lucky if I get more than 1 hour of use.

I guess I could really use that new laptop...even though a 1.8GHz Pentium 4M still falls in the range of what new laptops are running. Battery life will definitely be more of a factor when I get to looking.

Also the images were impacting page load times on my site. (though the images also introduce a significant impact to page load times....though it was worse when I was using the javascript/playable ones).

The other annoyance is gvisit seems to have stopped is showing that I've had no visitors...and I was curious to see if it recorded the hits that I made while traveling.... Though of more significance is the current resource 'outage' affecting the boinc stats counter.


  09:07:27 am, by The Dreamer   , 655 words  
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A post-mortem of a recent trip....

My first trip since figuring out how to use my Blackberry 7100t as a modem was kind of a failure.

Largely because after I had left, I instantly realized that I had forgotten the USB cable.

Aside from not being able to use my Blackberry 7100t as a modem to access the Internet in places where there wasn't free also meant that I could recharge the battery. I had also contemplated packing my travel charger, but I guess I also forgot to do this.

Fortunately the hotel room had free WiFi, and it was a really decent connection so I made extensive use of that. Another less minor thing that I had forgotten to pack was my Where's George stamp. I could enter the new bills that I acquired during the trip, but I couldn't stamp them. Though I set the to one side of my wallet to avoid having to spend them, so that they could be stamped when I got home.

As it was I managed not to spend these. I suppose I could've made a bigger effort to spend cash during the trip if George'ng was important. There were some other bills that did cross my hands, but they didn't stick around long enough for them to be entered. Normally, I try not to think to much about George'ng when I'm traveling.

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The Weather Pixie


is now featured on my websites. :>>

I had come across her while looking at somebody else's blog recently (I forget where though), and thought about incorporating her into mine.... though I didn't immediately see where I should. So, I put it off.

Later while looking at weather Konfabulator widgets, I saw that there was one for Weather at least I can have her on my desktop. &#59;D

Except today while I was trying the various different pixies...I came across one of a guy wearing a "got root?" I had to adopt that one. So, that is one the on here and my other website.

Perhaps someday I'll get a "got root?" shirt....but what I have is a hat with the message, because there used to be this thing called "Hat Chat" at my previous place of work....Unfortunately, I have a rather large head, so buying hats online (or receiving them as gifts...) rarely works out. :`(

Wonder if anybody'll notice that the Weather Pixie on my laptop is actually showing the weather for KTRI rather than KOSU....

The WeatherPixie


  11:11:40 am, by The Dreamer   , 489 words  
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Another Daylight Saving Time Update


Well, another Spring Forward has arrived and I think I have updated enough clocks to get by..... :lalala:

Some how I feel I didn't update quite as many clocks as I normally do....though it could be that I have a lot more gadgets that update automatically, coupled with the pile of gadgets that due to my current situation aren't getting the attention they used to.

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  09:58:32 am, by The Dreamer   , 86 words  
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oosterdam cruise control - Google Search



This morning's check of the access stats for my blog, showed that someone came to my site via a search engine query for "oosterdam cruise control"

Wonder if they found what they were looking for, and were they (and which) on a recent cruise.... And, what prompted them to search.

I just know that when I was searching for the same info by Google, I was having a really hard time.....)-o

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  12:26:31 am, by The Dreamer   , 67 words  
Categories: Digital Photography, Travel

360 Camera


I've been known to get the urge to take panaromic shots with my camera....

....sometimes to show of the mess that is home.

....or work.

....or when traveling....

Though it is a lot of that cuts on the amount of playing around I do with picture taking.

But, perhaps a gadget like this would help me do it more often (and get better results &#59;D)


  11:47:30 pm, by The Dreamer   , 227 words  
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Contact Made with "Cruise Control"

Well, contact has been made. Matilda wrote me back....I'm so happy. :yes:

She said, "Please feel free to look us up if you are ever in Australia." Perhaps I'll have to move going on a cruise around Australia to higher on places I want cruise to/around. Oddly, the idea of doing a Mediterranean cruise moved up on my list as a result of meeting "Cruise Control" during my last cruise....

I had kind of considered doing something like that years ago....though it was to be of the form of taking the Greek Island Hopping or the Mykonos Resort and Island Cruising Tours with Contiki....though now I'm a little too old to do it that way :..(

I guess now if I were to look at would probably involve a 10-night cruise via Holland America (Princess seems to only offer 12-night cruises, and I'm not sure where I stand on cruises longer than 7 nights....perhaps a less distant longer cruise should be in my plan first.... :P )

Or maybe I'll have to try out a different cruise line brand for this one....I understand that Royal Caribbean and Norwegian (and a few other select lines) have shorter cruises.... Though it does raise the question if they might be too short....not that I'm opposed to doing the same 'destination' more than once. &#59;D

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