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  07:32:14 pm, by The Dreamer   , 40 words  
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Update on "Seeking Cruise Control"


Well, I finally found their presence on the Internet.

And, maybe with this blog linking to their site, it'll become easier for other people to find them on the 'net &#59;D

If only the 'contact' email was live and active..... :**:


  02:16:42 pm, by The Dreamer   , 12 words  
Categories: Digital Photography, Computer, Travel

Additional Desktop Wallpaper Images from my past Cruise Vacations

Feeling inspired, I came up with two more desktop wallpaper images.... &#59;D

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  01:13:22 am, by The Dreamer   , 88 words  
Categories: Digital Photography, Computer, Travel

My New Desktop Wallpaper

I decided it was time to update the wallpaper on my computer, and I was thinking I wanted something 'cruise' themed. Though I couldn't find anything online, when I thought to myself...haven't I shot anything during any of my cruises that might do the trick.

I found this image....scaled and cropped to fit my 1280x1024 desktop, and it looks great.

The Arch at Cabo San Lucas

Though this image is scaled down even further to fit the constraints of my blogging package....

The wallpaper is available for download from my Photo Gallery

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  07:12:00 pm, by The Dreamer   , 368 words  
Categories: Digital Photography, Hardware, Travel, Scanner

New Scanner is here....


....and it is a bust.

Installed the software, restarted....restarted....restarted....restarted....:##

Uninstalled the software....restarted....installed newer version of the software (actually it was try to upgrade software, which caused the uninstall/restart, then install)....restarted....restarted....restarted....:##

Seems there's a conflict between the scanner driver and other services, namely the UPS management software. :**:

Uninstall everything...restarted....restarted....restarted....>:XX

It messed something up on my system, and I can't get things to work again.

Try using the dreaded "System Restore"......

:??: There's only two restore points :??:

And, they were intermediate points during the initial software installation :!:

Use the oldest one anyways.....yeah, my machine started all the way through again! :.

What am I going to do with the scanner now? haven't even gotten to try connecting it yet

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  12:40:23 am, by The Dreamer   , 877 words  
Categories: General, Travel

Depressed people have blogs?

At least I think that's what they implied on an episode of Freddie....

However, it is actually true in my case....I do suffer from depression, etc. But, it isn't why I started this blog.

But, I'm deep into yet another post-cruise depression, etc.... compounded by spending the holidays alone for the first time, since moving to the US. At least back in Canada, when I did the holiday without family...I wasn't alone. Plus the laid off and unemployed part doesn't really help either. Though the last time I was laid off over the holidays, I also didn't have family around for it.....

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  02:44:00 pm, by The Dreamer   , 242 words  
Categories: Digital Photography, Hardware, Travel, Scanner

Post Cruise Temporary Insanity


The post-cruise temporary insanity has hit me.... :crazy:

I just ordered a new flatbed scanner....the main feature, Digital ICE.

Built-in DIGITAL ICE Photo Print Technology repairs damaged photos
- Automatically restores damaged photos
- Identifies and eliminates unwanted surface defects
- Easily corrects deep scratches, cracks, creases, rips and tears in photo print surfaces

I bought it impulsively over eBay, before seeing that it could be had cheaper through other means....which is also significant, because Discover is offering 5% cashback bonus for online purchases right now. Though the thinking is that there's a cash balance in my PayPal account, and I don't quite see it as the same as actual money...because pretty much the only way to spend to buy something from eBay.

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  12:31:43 pm, by The Dreamer   , 36 words  
Categories: Digital Photography, Travel

Latest Cruise Pictures are up!


The latest pictures from my recent cruise are now up....

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  07:17:55 am, by The Dreamer   , 211 words  
Categories: Software, Computer, Wireless/iPhone, Travel

Upgrade time again?

There's something about an impending trip that seems to trigger doing a rash of upgrades, risking leaving my equipment inoperable just before hand? :crazy:

But, I've launched myself into doing them.

I'm upgrading various bits of software on my laptop and I upgraded the software on my BB7100t.

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  10:16:52 am, by The Dreamer   , 99 words  
Categories: Travel

Where's George and Cruise Tipping - Update


As the date of my next cruise approaches, I felt the urge to check how the various bills I had entered into Where's George and Where's Willy were doing.

So far only one bill has resurfaced from my last cruise, a Canadian $5 bill that I was part of the tip to Emma - LINK

No new hits for bills from my first cruise....

I wonder if I should start setting aside some bills for tipping during the next cruise....

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  08:15:53 am, by The Dreamer   , 902 words  
Categories: General, Travel

Burr! It's Cold...

...another cold day in central Ohio. Even colder than yesterday.

And, silly me....I kept putting off getting a new winter jacket for this season. :crazy:

At first I was thinking that I should get one for my Alaskan Cruise back in June. But, decided to wing it without. There were a couple of days where it would've been nice to have had, but I survived.

Then being more conservative on cash since getting laid off back in July, and not knowing how much future use I'll have for one. I've been focused on finding work closer to family/relatives (where closer could just mean that I'll have access to a non-stop flight to get to my parents)....which could potentially mean living in an area that doesn't experience winter like they do here, let along winter like in Canada.

Either way, what I would get would not cope with the extremes of winter in Canada. But, its just a one week trip each year....except there won't be one this year, because of the family reunion the week before hand....where I'll be in San Diego/Mexico....

Well, at first I was going to order the jacket at the end of October. But, it was still nice out and other unexpected expenses crept in, so pushed it to be mid-month November. Unfortunately the cold weather hit the same day that I mid-month came around.

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