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SanDisk Cruzer Micro (2GB) w/U3

Yesterday I bought one of these from Best Buy. I had been on the fence for getting one for a while, since floppy drives are starting to get scare and CDs aren't practical. And, there'll be times where using the Internet be an option, either.

But, it came down to size for price and convenience. I have an iPod Shuffle, and I do have most of it set aside for space...but I never actually use it for data, because it isn't all that practical. I don't like the music part of it that much and having to deal with a cap that I can lose reduces my desire to actually carry it around.

During my recent trip, I got to thinking that there should be some way to better synchronize the data for RoboForm between my computers. And, read about GoodSync and later the Pass2Go product. Seemed the way to go with this might be a USB Flash Key, and possibly one with U3. Even though U3 isn't Mac, but then RoboForm isn't available for the Mac yet and I don't currently own one yet. But, I'm contemplating one to replace my old laptop....inaddition to the HTmac, I've been talking about building

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  08:50:36 am, by The Dreamer   , 377 words  
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New URC8910 for operation of my Momitsu V880N

While, it has been much nicer working my Momitsu V880N since I JP1'd the old URC8910 that I had to control it. It hasn't been perfect. The biggest issue being the crummy directional arrow disc and the select button.

Knowing the Momitsu V880N, this is something that gets a workout in normal use....especially since I use mine to watch media files from my PC more than I use it to watch DVDs.

But, I happened to have been browsing in Best Buy a while back, and spotted a newer URC8910 that had done away with the disc control and had separate buttons, like my URC6131. But, I wasn't sure I wanted for fork out just for that....

URC8910B00 versus URC8910B02

Later I came back to it again, but still couldn't rationalize in my mind to get it.....

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  05:13:24 pm, by The Dreamer   , 317 words  
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New and improved JP1'd URC8910

Thinking things over some more, and noting that there was an SA8300 DVR code available....I decided to mess around with my JP1'd URC8910.

Key changes....

SAT now controls my Samsung SIR-T351' shouldn't because I have two and there's not enough separation now using this remote. :oops:

CBL now controls my SA8300HD DVR

I moved the receiver code to RCVR/AMP, because...I replaced the ReplayTV codes where I can control things from a single button.

And, the VCR is this key. I could've mapped a different keymove to select which unit is set, but I used the AUX device mode and the numeric keypad as the unit selector.

I'll still probably use the URC6131 for regular ReplayTV operation, because I'm more used to its layout and I like the arrow keys on it better.

Though I did customize the ReplayTV keymap on the URC8910 to be somewhat similar. Also while I was at it, I loaded a custom Samsung HLN DLP TV code...which gives me extra things like P.Mode, S.Mode, DNIE, Aspect controls...which weren't present under the builtin code. Though I had to still tweak things a bit, because other definitions were wrong....(for discrete inputs).

I also don't know if I'll use the DVR setting that often....guess it depends on if the layout grows on me.

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Time to JP1 a remote to control my V880N


I had this extra remote (URC-8910) from when I was first playing around with JP1 and multiple ReplayTVs....before I settled on really liking a URC-6131 for the task of controlling my 7 ReplayTVs and TV/Receiver.

Opting to use the Momitsu V880N's poor remote for when I needed to control that. When I first heard that V880N upgrade was available for JP1'ng remotes, I thought about trying to use the extra remote for this (not wanting to mess with what is working on my URC-6131).

But, I read up on the procedure and started downloading all the bits and pieces I needed, and then I got distracted and forgot all about it.....until now.

Well, I did some quick fiddling and it doesn't look like I can create a URC-6131 like setup with the addition of the DVD player....not enough room for all the keymoves etc. Now there is a ReplayTV setup that could in theory control many ReplayTVs from a single device button, but I decided that it wasn't important to try that at this point, and just left out my ReplayTVs from this remote.

All, I really need is the TV/Receiver setup I had on the URC-6131 and the addition of the Momitsu V880N.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to recreate the TV/Receiver setup I had before. I was able to get the keymoves to do discrete input selection on my Samsung HLN4365W1, just like I had on the URC-6131. But, I can't get the discrete input selection for my Receiver to work the same way.

In the end, I got the mappings to work by:

  1. Realizing I had assigned my Receiver to a device button, so I could use VPT instead of Key Move to work 'volume' from other devices (the DVD mode).
  2. Loading an upgrade for the Sony STR-DE935 (I have the STR-DE835) and looking at the codes of the keys I wanted and trying them. I first tried EFC, but that didn't I had to do Hex Cmds, which did work. The Hex Cmds in turn reveal a different EFC value.....

Now to watch something on my Momitsu V880N &#59;D

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  11:13:00 pm, by The Dreamer   , 196 words  
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SCI FI To Air New Doctor Who


Good news...they are going to air the series in the US.

Maybe I don't need to add Canada as somewhere I'll consider moving find work. &#59;D

Unfortunately, SciFi is a standard cable channel it'll be hazzy analog 4:3. I was kind of hoping to get the DVDs (eventually) so I can enjoy new Doctor Who's that fill my entire screen.

Wonder if SciFi will run season two in sync with either the BBC or CBC?

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  07:41:51 pm, by The Dreamer   , 187 words  
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Darn Screensaver and Open DVD Tray

Darn, I got hit by the annoying screensaver/DVD tray bug in my Momitsu V880N again. I wonder if they'll ever issue a software fix for it.

The annoying bug is if I have the DVD tray open and forget about it for a while, and the screensaver kicks in.

The screensaver closes the DVD tray. But, as far as the DVD player is concerned the tray is still 'OPEN' :o

And, then the open/close operations don't work (except to show that it thinks it is doing it on the display), it won't load the DVD that was in the tray (if there was one).

Fortunately, hard power cycling the unit seems to get it out of its confused state. But, it seems if the screensaver is going to automatically close the tray for me, it should it do it right. So, that I can open it later (rather than it waking up and thinking it is already open and staying all confused.....)

Perhaps I just need to set the screensaver even longer (than the current 15 minutes). Its not like there's burn-in to worry about....


  08:04:54 pm, by The Dreamer   , 391 words  
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The harddrives are conspiring against me?


Today around 15:55, the power went out in my building. I was accessing my computer from work....and didn't lose my connection until about 10 minutes later. And, then things were reachable.

When I did a traceroute there was nothing beyond the gateway from Level 3 to Time Warner. Though later everything appeared except the local net. But, I didn't realize that the cause was a power outage until I got home.

From my estimates.....the various analog clocks that I have, the power was out for about 50 minutes. Only one UPS stayed during the whole outage.

But, that's not what this post is about. The other significant thing standing out, post outage, was a bright blue light shining across my apartment from the top ReplayTV. There was also a bright blue light from the bottom of my component stack...but that's the Momitsu V880N.

Anyways that ReplayTV was looping "Please Wait..." Looks like the harddrive is toast. Come to think of it, it might have been the ReplayTV that had trouble starting once....the kind of thing where I unplugged all the inputs and then it worked....and I didn't think anything about it again. But I guess this time it is gone.

So, I rushed over to and bought a new Seagate 300GB drive. While a 250GB would be sufficient...I already got a Seagate 250GB from them this month, and there's the rebate restriction. So, I got the 300GB...even though rebate isn't supposed to be a factor in getting the drive.

Though had been pretty good in the past, though that recently changed..... Used to be $1 surcharge to get the rebate in 1-2 weeks, instead of 8-10 weeks, by PayPal. Now they want a $5 surcharge to get you the rebate in 1-2 days by PayPal. And, if you don't want that high surcharge taken out...they say 8-10 weeks by PayPal....

Of course, I treat PayPal money differently than a check rebate. Because any money that lands in my PayPal account is usually spent in an eBay auction.... &#59;D

After I ordered, I saw that has the Retail Kit version of the drive ('s is OEM) for the same price, and it has a $50 (instead of a $40) rebate.

Though given my current situation...PayPal is probably easier to get my money.

Oh well....


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Firmware update of Momitsu V880N


Well, last night I took the plunge and updated my Momitsu V880N to the latest (April 27th, 2005) firmware. Playing AVI files over my wireless network worked fine. Don't know about the other improvements that are supposed to have been made since October 18th, 2004 firmware I've been previousily using.

The network playback problems were the reason I held off updating, the previous release (February 23, 2005) reported also fixed this problem introduced in the November 5th, 2004 firmware....but it was marked as a beta, and I didn't feel like trying it.

After this update I did leave the screensaver timeout as the default 10 minutes...since that is another problem that is supposed to have been fixed in this release. Though the first thing I've noticed is that the screen formatting is a bit weird...but I guess I can live with that it all the functionality I currently need is present....

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  12:49:34 pm, by The Dreamer   , 120 words  
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Serial Number Gripe

There ought to be a law....

...that if you need to pull up the serial number for something, that the serial number should be easily accessible without having to contort or disassemble, because it is hidden on the back on the device in difficult to read position and text.

Like fairly easy to retrieve the serial numbers for my ReplayTVs....or my Samsung DLP (its on the side).

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  06:45:25 pm, by The Dreamer   , 214 words  
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A couple of nasty dropouts

Experienced a couple of nasty dropouts today.

First one was long enough to causing lots of resets, one surprise was that my Momitsu V880N defaulted to being on afterwards. Maybe I should move it over to the 700 VA UPS that protects stuff on that side.

The second one was short, but enough to annoy...I was watching TV at the time....The TV is on a 1500VA UPS so it wasn't so bad.

But, I've been thinking of replacing that UPS with a SmartUPS for better protection. Guess I need to step up that plan.

I've been looking at a 1200VA SmartUPS from RefurbUPS. It'll replace the 1500VA UPS that is currently there. Which backups just about everything on its side. The only thing that isn't on the UPS is the subwoofer.

On the other side, it's only the DVD players and CD player and the receiver that aren't on UPS.

Don't know why the Momitsu would default to power on after power loss. Don't know if that's a bad thing or not. The plan is would be to replace the 700VA UPS with the 1500VA UPS. And, move the 700VA UPS to protect my phones (namely the base station of my 5.8GHz cordless, the Vonage box and my router and cable modem).


Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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