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  08:36:05 am, by The Dreamer   , 338 words  
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Looking for another Manhattan, KS VoIP Provider


I'm debating whether to get another account with Broadvoice or go with a different VoIP provider for a second VoIP line at home.

The problem is trying to track down the multitude of VoIP providers and figure out which ones offer Manhattan, KS local numbers.

That's when I came across, it attempts to filter the many providers it knows about down areacode initially. But drilling in further it can filter down to city.

And, then there are lots of options on the kinds of features you want from them. Like BYOD. Which I haven't decided on...though it becomes a question on whether I want my BroadVoice number to be my 'home' number or 'wifi' number.

Though one of the services claims to do Fax to Email. 88| But, not sure I really need such a service. I haven't set up my fax machine since the move (no where to put it...connect it...) and haven't really been missing it. |-|

But, if I go with that company...then it should probably be my 'home' which case it doesn't really matter if it is BYOD or not. Except for the lower activation cost.

Though it'll be the difference of using an adapter that was locked to a different provider, which is now unlocked (but could relock itself should it go through a factory reset)...or to get the *same* adapter locked to the new provider.

Since both offer the variety of simulring/call-forwarding isn't like I could miss a call by having given out the wrong number.

And, there's always the NetZero voicemail account to resolve the issue of voicemail should handle my messages... &#59;)

I suppose it might be safe to say that I've pretty much decided which provider will be my other number....I just haven't decided which will be which....

The main thing is that I've already been giving out my Broadvoice number as my new 'home' number. So, maybe I guess that also has answered that question....or not. :??:


  11:34:02 am, by The Dreamer   , 908 words  
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Oops, that was fast.

I had started the quest to research what cordless phone I would get to replace my current 5.8Ghz one, since it doesn't get along with the Amphony 1520.

I had kind of narrowed it down to a 2.4Ghz phone that I had come across on eBay, a Uniden DCT646-3. Well, I bought it. )-o

At first I was questing for a 900MHz phone...but there doesn't seem to be much (or any) in the way of *NEW* digital (DSS) 900Mhz phones. Making it even harder to find one with the features that I would want. Namely handset speaker phone, multi-handset capable or included, VMWI, CID.

I know that 2.4GHz and WiFi don't get along...but consensus is that WiFi doesn't prevent a 2.4Ghz phone from working and the 2.4GHz phone only causes performance degradation to the WiFi. And, in the congested 2.4GHz that is life in a condo, near apartments, near a major is kind of something I'm stuck with. Plus it is still my plan at some point to replace the bridge portion of my WiFi network with something else.

Like the phone demarc is in the room where the DSL modem is, and the condo is wired with maybe I'll put the DSL modem directly on the incoming line? And, use the condo's CAT5 for networking. Though my Living Room is laid out wrong for this to really work right now...and no plans to move the main computer to the other bedroom. But, if I did move the computer, than it could be a definite possibility. Or the condo's CAT5 would only link the Living Room to the 'computer' room. And, I would keep WiFi for the stuff in the LivingRoom. On the basis that they are close enough to I still want WiFi for my DPH-540 and my laptop(s).

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  09:25:34 am, by The Dreamer   , 215 words  
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Amphony 1520 vs Cordless Phone

Well, rethinking things....short term I have decided that the Amphony 1520 wins...and done away with my cordless phone. It only inconveniences me when I need to make an outgoing call....and I...well, I don't like incoming calls :lalala:

I'm in the process of revamping my VoIP setup anyways (probably gonna drop Vonage and/or Lingo)...and it is the cordless setup that is on Vonage. And, at the moment...nothing on Lingo. Difference is that Lingo has 785 area code (but not Manhattan), while Vonage doesn't have the area code at all. The current BroadVoice is via the D-Link DPH-540, so that's 'cordless'. Though the battery life is poor and it doesn't use a cradle charger. I might replace one or both of the ATA VoIPs with a BroadVoice ATA...

Though how to distribute phone service around my condo is the new issue. There is distribute a bunch of different VoIP ATAs around the place...and use SimulRing to make it all seem like one. But, that is probably just too crazy :crazy:

OTOH, maybe I don't need multiple handset cordless that my main computer is in the living room. Its just that the ATA is part of my HT rack setup, so I need cordless to reach over to the computer..... :??:


  09:30:47 pm, by The Dreamer   , 100 words  
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DPH-540 Talk Time

Well, just had my first long-ish phone was actually short at only 21 minutes. The battery guage is one line from empty.

But, since cell reception at work went from non-existent to full-5 bars....I guess I don't the WiFi phone for that, in fact I'm wondering if I still need it at all.

Especially since, I'll be doing less travel in the near future because of those darn terrorists. >:-(

Meanwhile, because my cell works at work now....I guess I should call T-Mobile and see about getting a local number. :o

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  06:45:40 pm, by The Dreamer   , 113 words  
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More issues with DPH-540

Found some more issues I have with this phone.

Seems that closing the phone doesn't mean hang up like other flip phones that I have used, so have to make sure I press end when I'm done.... :roll:

And, it doesn't have speakerphone function....something all my other phones can do. :`(

Also, found an oddity....I wanted to look at its settings via its web interface, but it kept saying locked by SIP provider setup. Which didn't make any sense, since I own the device and I'm using Broadvoice's BYOD plan.

Turned out that because the phone hadn't been left at 'home' state (it was showing the Phonebook screen) that it was 'locked'. :?


  09:50:08 am, by The Dreamer   , 283 words  
Categories: Wireless/iPhone, VoIP, WiFi

Where am I at with the DPH-540?

This morning, my DPH-540 was off and wouldn't turn on. Forgot to plug it in last night to recharge. Guess battery life on it can't be anything like what I get with my cellphone, etc.

Guess this is something you have to live with it being WiFi and having to being active all the time (yet it isn't, otherwise, I wouldn't be having my other issues with it).

Last night I was on a call with Discover, activating my new card. I felt the call quality was excellent, etc. Though I was just pacing around my living room where the AP is. And, my network was pretty idle, etc. Though the QoS is usually pretty good on my router (actually it isn't, when I'm on the phone, everything else slows to a crawl....and I can see on my bandwidth graph that it pretty much because just the phone call using bandwidth....~90k each way out of the 4M/512k that I could be doing....usually the upstream is saturated, but its summer and IVS traffic has been light).

Anyways, an extra battery and an external charger sure would be handy now. I have it as a standard accessory with all my cellphones....even though my current one can do about 2-3 days. I did a two night trip where I didn't bring the external charger and didn't have my computer USB died on the way home from the trip. More recent trips, I only bring the USB cable...use my heavy laptop as a super expensive phone charger. :))

Actually, given the short battery life...they probably could've made it easier to access the USB port on the bottom of the phone....


  11:04:23 am, by The Dreamer   , 241 words  
Categories: VoIP, WiFi

Fourth Day with DPH-540

Well, once again (at work) I flipped own the phone and it read 'no service'. It showed the progress of acquiring an IP and trying to register. Once again it failed, and I had to reboot the phone.

This lack of automatic reacquistion of network and auto registration is going to be annoying.

My home WiFi network is pretty stable, except for the weekly reboot. But, the WiFi network on campus can be unpredictable.

Meanwhile, I looked over at the Broadvoice site, and found they now have configuration information for the DPH-541 version 1 (I wonder what that means....perhaps its just the future firmware upgrade that the D-Link product page mentions, due this month).

There were some slight differences in my guess on setup to what they give as parameters. The best, is that they give the names of all their proxy servers...and suggest that I ping all of them and pick the best.

So, I tried pinging them from my work computer and my home computer, and found that seems to be the best choice for me. Of course, there's not much difference...since the campus network's kanren uses Cox as well.

Sure hope D-Link can work out all the kinks in the phone...and via firmware updates. I think I'll keep an eye out for a cellphone holster this weekend....though I'd like to know where I can get a new battery for it.


  04:43:20 pm, by The Dreamer   , 218 words  
Categories: VoIP, WiFi

Third Day with DPH-540

I thought this day was going better than yesterday, in that while I paused while registering on the campus network....and was eventually did register and work again.

But, seems that at 11:29 it locked up....because that's all it would show/do when I looked at it just a few minutes ago. XX(

This, required me to pry the now fragile battery out of the creeky case to reboot it.

Before I put the battery back in, I shaved off two of the lugs at the top of the still fits snug enough, but at least now it pry out much easier.

Meanwhile, I didn't mention the other issues I had with it last night. Namely it doesn't automatically roam between the WiFi networks of work and home. Have to open the phone, to wake it up to its need to rediscover the network change.

And, it apparently doesn't do I have no way of telling if there's voicemail. The Email function in it requires me to navigate to the Email menu and tell it to check. :?

I wonder if the Broadvoice provided WiFi phone is better or worse?

Pretty much at this point...I'm staying with Broadvoice (since its my local number, and it likely isn't portable...) and I want WiFi. :>>


  08:03:30 am, by The Dreamer   , 264 words  
Categories: VoIP, WiFi

Second Day with DPH-540

Isn't going so well....first I had trouble connecting to campus network, went through my settings and realized that I had gotten the WEP settings wrong. I was kind of guessing from memory from home, but it was a kind of silly mistake. :oops:

But, then my phone locked up on "Acquiring Network IP". And, it was totally unresponsive. Meaning my only recourse would be to remove the battery....right?

Easier said than done. D-Link made it so it was impossible to remove the battery without either destroying the battery and/or the phone. I had to find something to pry the battery out with, and the flimsy case of both...there was a lot of creaking and the battery ended up splitting before it would come out.

Does raise the question that in addition to wanting to get a belt holster for the phone, are their going to be spare batteries for it?

Anyways, once I got the battery out and back in.... for which I hesitated, because I would really thought about altering it so that future removals wouldn't be so difficult. Unfortunately, to carry it to work this displaced my leatherman. The one time where I really needed to have it, I didn't. >:-(

....anyways....once the battery was back promptly established service and I'm back in business. I did a quick outgoing call to my cellphone (where I have no service here) and listened to my voicemail greeting. Wonder who'll I'll call first with it from here.

Actually, I wonder who I'll call first from anywhere....:lalala:

  06:34:24 am, by The Dreamer   , 413 words  
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I have too many VoIP....

I think I now have too many different VoIP services at home. But, I really don't know which one to nix....except possibly for the obvious fact that one of them is currently only supporting my fax machine.

Except that I currently have no fax machine set up, and I'm questioning if I'll ever have cause to set one up again.

The only 'issue' is that the company provides a service that I would like to make use of someday....'distinctive ring'. Though it is the kind of thing that would allow me to share a fax machine with a 'voice' number :roll:

It also offers Western Europe as part of my 500 minutes per month. Something they no longer offer in that plan, though my cousin plans to move from the UK back to the I don't really need the feature that much, and I never did use it that much before.

The reason I can't go the other way and ditch the other service, is that I want to keep the number...but it was assigned to me by the VoIP it isn't portable. :..(

While the 'fax' number was ported to the VoIP provider, I don't really have a need to keep it...since my ear doesn't understand fax, and maybe it is time that some unsuspecting sap experience junk fax. Which is pretty much all I get on the line (other than DNC violators or exempts that thing talking to a machine will get a person....when the sole purpose of the line was to only host a machine :crazy: )

Hmmmm.... :**:

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