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  07:56:26 am, by The Dreamer   , 458 words  
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Vonage SimulRing :- a mixed blessing

A long standing problem I've had, is when I reserve a cab to take me to the airport in the morning. Is that they invariably have trouble finding my apartment.

This results them in calling me at my home number. Because I use it to make the reservation, because they use caller id (or something) and sometimes know where I'm at. If I use my cell phone number, they don't get it right....because I could've been anywhere needing a cab.

But, when I'm waiting for the cab to get me...I'm usually all ready to go moments before the time rolls around (or somewhere afterwards, depending on how much trouble they are having) And, making my way over to the phone is a hassle.

So, this time I thought about having my home number forwarded to my cell phone...though I was worried about whether I could control the settings from remote, because once I get past the taxi issue...I don't really need it anymore. And, I could do without the junk calls being forwarded to my cellphone. Also I'm not a fan of pay 20 cents a minute to retrieve voicemail by cell, etc. Plus T-Mobile seems to enjoy reseting my voicemail regularly....requiring me to go through the lengthly setup process again.....and again.

It then occurred to me that I have this feature called SimulRing. I played around with it quickly and it seemed to work pretty good. Both my Vonage and Cellphone ring, the Caller ID information is available at both, and I can answer from either. And, providing I don't hit Ignore on my cellphone...the call will drop over to Vonage's voicemail system.

The taxi driver did call me, looking for directions on how to get to me. Which is really bad, because he's asking somebody who doesn't drive (which is kind of why I want a taxi) at all for directions....and it was nice being able to resolve that with less hassle.

But, later it started getting annoying with all the junk calls that were passing through to my cellphone. Plus, the purpose of my trip was for a job getting calls on my cellphone during an interview is kind of bad.... Though I did set the phone to vibrate, so it was only a distraction for me. Perhaps I should've taken the extra steps to silence it. There's a key toggle to switch to vibrate only, but it requires menu navigation to select some other mode.

I didn't have the opportunity during the interview to see if I could get to the Vonage site using the Blackberry browser to change options. Perhaps I'll have to investigate this in the future....

Perhaps before my next cab ride....


  02:35:32 pm, by The Dreamer   , 248 words  
Categories: General, Samsung HLN4365W1, Cable HD DVR, VoIP

Lamp Hour Check

Just as I thought I was done my semi-annual time change, I remembered that I had forgotten to do my TV. Just after I had turned it off after checking my scheduled recordings in my SA8300HD DVR.

The Lamp Timer read 2753 hours.

That's 999 hours consumed since the last time change. So it has been 210 days since I last checked the Lamp Timer, so that's an average of 4.75 hours per day. I guess that's about right.

I've been thinking of getting a new lamp as a spare. Probably getting closer to a point where I can rationalize doing it better &#59;D

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  08:09:23 am, by The Dreamer   , 395 words  
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Beep, Beep, Beep!

I think the next time I get into it, I'm going to have to investigate reworking my UPS strategy.


Last night just before 1am, the power went out.

It sure was noisy. The worst was the Belkin UPS, the beeper on that UPS is of much higher tone so even though it was all the way at the other end of the made its presence known.

Power didn't return until a little after 4am, so all the UPSs had drained. And, not everything recovers nicely after a power loss.

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  05:52:05 pm, by The Dreamer   , 168 words  
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Lingo Fax Test to eFax


Well, I rebooted my Lingo adapter and set out to try sending a fax.

The only fax I could think of trying was my free eFax account.

It dialed, I heard something that resembled tones...but nothing connected...and then fast busy. Other times I got the 'try your call again' message.

So, I tried a friend's eFax account (also a free one)...that fax went through first try. And, it seemed a bit faster than previous times that I've faxed stuff to eFax via Lingo (comparable to what I was getting on Vonage). So the boost in speed is working...

Now I wonder why my free eFax account isn't working? This is what I have my Lingo number forward to if busy or no answer....since my Lingo number is my fax machine. And, I want to make sure I can get faxes even if my machine is busy or not working.

Especially, given my current situation...and the potential to need to depend on faxing again....

  03:57:15 pm, by The Dreamer   , 81 words  
Categories: VoIP

Lingo's Connection Enhancer


Evidently they hid this feature under "Support" rather than the more intuitive "Manage Features" area of my account settings.

So, now I can boost the CODEC selection for the default 30kbps to 90kbps. This should improve the ability to send faxes from my Lingo service.

It seems to imply that it uses the 90kbps automagically for faxes already....though maybe that's just for incoming? :??:

Now to go home a reboot the adapter and find an excuse to try it out.... &#59;D


  03:23:06 pm, by The Dreamer   , 463 words  
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Maybe I am in denial....because at the mall today, I spent $9 for a salad (Strawberry Poppyseed & Chicken at Panera Bread)....which was unusual, because I tend to skip lunch on weekends.

And, then I had my usual $19 #2 buzz cut at MOP.

Full story »

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  10:34:52 am, by The Dreamer   , 390 words  
Categories: General, VoIP

FCC/E911 and Virtual Numbers

Back when I had Qwest, I had the option of having a 1-800 number...though it wasn't very useful, since it would only work in the US. And, the main reason I wanted it was to be more reachable from Canada.

Now with VoIP, one of the things I've been thinking about is getting a virtual number in another location. Though there's nothing to say that it can't be my only number. Since, I hardly ever get any legitimate local calls. And, those that I get...there is no reason that it can't be handled by only one local number, instead of the 3 different local numbers I have at home...because I have 3 different services.

Not having a local number would probably make no impact on grey unsolicited calls, especially since a lot of them are probably out of state. grey because they claim to be exempt from DNC, even though I could do without. Especially the ones that call at inconvenient times (like when I'm eating) and the ones that just give me dead air when I do take the trouble to answer. I don't remember the last time I actually found somebody calling me.

Anyways...I'm still on the fence of whether to get a non-local number as my next service (or to replace the number on one of my services...though I'm leaning to yet another new service at the moment....)

But, now it appears because of the E911 requirement, the regulation is going to limit us to numbers that correspond with the actual location of where you live. :**: And, that could be really restrictive. Because some (many?) areas also have geographic restrictions within the city on what number for what part. And, one of the advantages of portable numbers was that even if I moved across town...I could in theory keep my number. Not that I have any plans to move in the next couple of years (as evidenced, by the fact that I'm just a week or so into an 18 month lease...) Though the last time I moved...there was some issue as to whether I could keep my number...even though I only moved 1.5 miles. I suppose since it did involve moving from one side of the Interstate to the other....

Wonder if I should hurry up and order my non-local phone numbers now.


  03:00:35 pm, by The Dreamer   , 205 words  
Categories: VoIP

FCC Requires Interconnected VoIP Providers to Provide Enhanced 911 Service


It's official...VoIP has to connect to real 911 service.

This is kind of a good thing, I suppose. Both my Vonage and Lingo service have had 911, now I'm in a SBC area and they wouldn't let Vonage tie in directly...until now.... Don't know what kind of 911 service Lingo provides.

Though I wasn't that concerned about 911 over VoIP, though I activated it just because it said I had to if I wanted it and I figured it wouldn't hurt anything to do so.

Just that the only time I had need to call was by landline and they had to wait for my to regain consciousness and call back before they could find out where to send the ambulance (I had been at the location for almost a year and I was correctly listed etc, so I don't know where the failure was...)

Though I wonder what happens if your local 911 service get's your location and callback number...and the callback number isn't local. Or not even in the same state or country. Would they call you back? :??:

I wonder about computer or mobile interconnected VoIP service. Or what happens when I through my ATA in my suitcase for use while on holidays.... :lalala:


  04:44:32 pm, by The Dreamer   , 196 words  
Categories: VoIP

VoIP and Faxing

Strange thing, since I made the switch to using Lingo (instead of landline) for my fax machine, I've had a lot more situations where I've needed to send a fax.
Originally, I had tested one fax number and found that Lingo was slower than Vonage for the send, but it worked and with the DSL filter it made a significant improvement.

But, since then all the faxes I've tried to send have failed if I use Lingo. I always end up switching my machine over to my Vonage box and the send works first time.
So, I guess I'm thinking that I'll sign up for the Add-a-Fax option for Vonage, and move my fax machine over. Though I'll keep Lingo. Perhaps it'll be the box I toss into my suitcase for when I want to talk VoIP with me. It does have the advantage in being a router, while my Vonage box is only an ATA.

Though as a result, I hardly use Lingo. Though it does offer features that I would like to make more use of... :?

Perhaps there'll someday there'll be the changes in my life where I'll get more use of the service....


  04:44:40 pm, by The Dreamer   , 464 words  
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Power outage at work today

Oh Joy.....

When I got back to the office after lunch...I found the lobby dark....and a few more steps, I realized the power was out in the building. Apparently, it is an extensive outage. And, it had only happened a few minutes before my arrival.

So, I waited around watching the computer room to shutdown on its own and we hung around some more until the landlord told us to go home, because he didn't want to be liable if anybody hurt themselves once the emergency lighting failed.

Oddly, again, the power is fine in my apartment....across the street from the office. I suspect there's a difference between residential and commercial power....aside from the obvious the building power is 3 phase and my home service is 2 phase.

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