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  11:05:08 am, by The Dreamer   , 133 words  
Categories: General, VoIP

Faxing for VoIP

Well, I tried to fax my LNP LOA to Lingo a couple of times this morning.....not having much luck sending it over Vonage.

I tried *99 first, and it died on the first page (of 3).

Left of the *99 and tried again....this time it died on page 3. Hopefully that's enough....the back page of my phone bill might not be important enough to prevent them from trying to do the port. It was connected for more than 21 minutes to get to page 3 though.

Strange that I've done more faxes so far this year than in the previous two years combined. But, I'm sure its just an anomally.

Though in an order that I'm expecting to arrive on the 21st is a DSL perhaps I'll get around to finally trying that fix.

  07:36:56 am, by The Dreamer   , 162 words  
Categories: General, VoIP

Lingo Broadband Phone Service


Well, at first I was going to just going to get more information on finally taking the plunge to ditch my landline for Lingo.

But, I ended up completing the application....once I got past the bug in the online application form.

If you select the box that shipping is the same as billing, it disables the shipping fields and copies the information (but only visually). The validation on submit fails because it keeps thinking you didn't enter anything for shipping address. ARGH!

Now to send of my letter of authorization.

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  03:58:41 pm, by The Dreamer   , 98 words  
Categories: Stuff, Hardware, VoIP, Networking, WiFi

Other upcoming projects

Just remembered that I have other stuff for upcoming projects.

Like on the weekend I ordered a WRT54GS....and an 802.11g mini-PCI card. So, the laptop will get upgraded to 'g'. Though the WRT54GS is more because I want to try Sveasoft and QoS.

Because yesterday I got my latest phone bill, which seems to the be the final reason I haven't yet taken the plunge to ditch/port my landline.....

The only other items coming in the mail that I'm waiting on is another Fisher Space (Telescoping) Pen and a new pillow from Select Comfort.


  05:55:04 pm, by The Dreamer   , 63 words  
Categories: VoIP, RoadRunner

Woohoo ... faster downloads

Got a letter that RoadRunner speeds in my area have been upgraded. So I rebooted the modem to see...and does get close to 5MBps/512kbps....up from about 3MBps/512kbps.

Though the Poopli freak that I really isn't that much of a boost. Though I still intend to ditch the landline for VoIP at some point this year.


  01:15:02 pm, by The Dreamer   , 102 words  
Categories: General, VoIP

LNP & Vonage Fax Line

Well, it turns out you can't port a number to become a fax line. But, I don't really want the hassle of changing my fax number.

So, I guess that means another $16.49+tax for another full Vonage residential line that is actually just for my fax machine. Its already bad enough that I only use it once or twice a year, but Vonage doesn't implement distinctive ring....and I don't want the fax machine messing up my voice activity.

Though phone adapters are free....could mean that I have an adapter next to the fax machine...instead of moving the fax machine.....


  11:37:39 am, by The Dreamer   , 488 words  
Categories: General, VoIP

Dumping Landline....

I think I've had the last straw with my landline.

Pretty much the only use I have for the landline is to receive faxes (because number portability didn't exist when I got Vonage, and I didn't have a definitive on whether the fax machine would work).

But, the fax machine seems to work on might be a little bit slower, but not really a big deal when you factor in the savings of Vonage, etc.

Though the extra minutes of getting Vonage fax line is overkill for my needs.

But, I also use it [landline] as backup for outgoing calls. Sometimes call quality on Vonage is problem, so sometimes I'll opt for the easier solution of switching to line 2 on my phone and calling out on landline. The thing is 99% of my outgoing calls are long distance, which is what makes Vonage such a great deal. Especially since the bulk goes to Canada.

The less simple solution is to go and unplug my ReplayTVs from my network....I suppose I might investigate some kind of remote switch to do this....

Now, when I first moved to the US...I originally had Sprint as my long distance provider...only because Sprint was my provider when I was living in Canada. Later I switched to Qwest, because they had a better deal. Though I didn't like that even in months where I don't make any long distance calls at all...I still have to pay the monthly fee to them (plus another fee for international long distance....its just Canada that I call) So, I switched to a service with no monthly fee.

I went with Pioneer Telephone. That proved to be a big problem.

At some point last year they changed their underlying provider, which caused a switch on my line (without prior notice, and apparently this kind of operation circumvents my PICC freeze)...incurring fees for the switch (they said they would credit me the switch fee, but they never did...along with the switch fee when I first became their customer). In fact a couple weeks after they made the switch, they called to tell me that because I was closing my account that I needed to switch off of them and incur another fee.

I called saying that I didn't close, and the CSR mentioned that he had been getting lots of calls from other customers calling for the same reason.

But, despite the assurance that I wasn't going to be cut off and forced off of their network, I found out (the hardway) that they did this to me anyways. I have a credit balance, and they still owe me for the two previous switch fees.

But, I've decided that they can just go away.... XX( because I've had enough with the hassle they've been inflicting on me.

And, this might be reason enough to ditch landline while I'm at it.


  12:15:54 pm, by The Dreamer   , 147 words  
Categories: General, Computer, VoIP

Another UPS Swap

Well, time to move the CPS700AVR that was displaced by the CPS1500AVR-HO under my HT rack to somewhere else.

I replaced the APC Back UPS Office 500VA that is covering something behind me. I thought it was my network equipment.

But, when I shut it network didn't go down. I guess those items are on the CPS700AVR that backups my Linux server. Wonder what UPS (if any) is protecting my DVArchive/WiRNS/Poopli server. was just my phone equipment (minus the Vonage box) that was on the 500VA UPS.

I have suspicion the DVArchive/WiRNS/Poopli server is also on the CPS700AVR of the Linux server and network perhaps I should move the DVArchive server off....or plan an upgrade of that UPS. Though upgrading the UPS on my main computer is slightly higher on the list.


  02:33:37 pm, by The Dreamer   , 563 words  
Categories: General, Stuff, Home Theatre, VoIP

SmartUPS 1250VA is here

It arrived much earlier than expected.

Which is bad, because I wanted to be home when they delivered it. The thing weighs 55lbs.

Instead I had to go the lease office to drag it back to the apartment. Somedays living on the top floor has its drawbacks.

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  06:45:25 pm, by The Dreamer   , 214 words  
Categories: Home Theatre, Momitsu V880N, VoIP

A couple of nasty dropouts

Experienced a couple of nasty dropouts today.

First one was long enough to causing lots of resets, one surprise was that my Momitsu V880N defaulted to being on afterwards. Maybe I should move it over to the 700 VA UPS that protects stuff on that side.

The second one was short, but enough to annoy...I was watching TV at the time....The TV is on a 1500VA UPS so it wasn't so bad.

But, I've been thinking of replacing that UPS with a SmartUPS for better protection. Guess I need to step up that plan.

I've been looking at a 1200VA SmartUPS from RefurbUPS. It'll replace the 1500VA UPS that is currently there. Which backups just about everything on its side. The only thing that isn't on the UPS is the subwoofer.

On the other side, it's only the DVD players and CD player and the receiver that aren't on UPS.

Don't know why the Momitsu would default to power on after power loss. Don't know if that's a bad thing or not. The plan is would be to replace the 700VA UPS with the 1500VA UPS. And, move the 700VA UPS to protect my phones (namely the base station of my 5.8GHz cordless, the Vonage box and my router and cable modem).


  07:21:52 pm, by The Dreamer   , 211 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, Wireless/iPhone, VoIP

Ordering my 6th 250GB drive from

....well actually its my 7th...though the 1st one was a SATA drive for my desktop.

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