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HP Photosmart 8450


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HP Photosmart 8450

Today, I finally decided it was time to setup the new printer....

On the most part it was pretty straightforward. It kind of fits, being that it is bigger than the old printer....though the way it sits on my stand, there is no traction so it likes to slide around alot....especially when I'm trying to switch paper or load ink cartridges. And, it'll probably do it when I try memory cards in it or connecting a camera to it (should I choose to try this).

But, I did decide to have it become the memory card device for my computer. Since it uses only a single drive leter, rather than my USB reader which is using up 4 drive letters.

So far the only problems I've had is that I can't seem to setup multiple print queues like I did with my DJ970Cxi. So, the default is to print FastDraft double sided, etc. And, no queue shortcut for when I want to print good or better. Guess we'll see how I live with that.

The other obstacle was configuring Stamps.com to work with it. I got the rear tray option to hold #10 envelopes. The shape step tries to use Letter size to figure out what orientation to print as, but the printer detects the size error and won't let it. So, I had to pick a shape and see if that worked. Online support for Stamps.com, mentioned that this might be the case with some printers. So, that seems to be okay. Though I haven't printed any actual postage. Namely because I only had the one #10 envelope left. :oops:

Not sure when I'll get to doing photo printing...but eventually I'll be dumping a bunch....partly to have hardcopy backup :roll: of my vacation photos, and to send some to my parents....

Now to setup my laptop to print to it, using its built-in networking....wonder if my Linux boxes will talk to it, though not really a big deal....I had switched them to use my all-in-one (v40xi) for printing.... Don't really want to use Windows sharing to make it available to my network....

I suppose next I'll have to start stocking cartridges for the all-in-one, currently don't have any extras for it. Even though it uses the same color cartridge as my old DJ970Cxi...it however uses a different black cartridge, so I have two spare black cartridges for my DJ970Cxi which are of no use now. I keep meaning to get an extra black for it though, though it isn't like I do a lot of faxing...which is the main reason I have it.

I had already gotten some extra cartridges for the 8450...especially since it doesn't include a black cartrige with it. But, more because I knew I was going to do a lot of printing on it near-term.

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