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16GB iPod Nano 5th Gen in Red


  09:04:52 pm, by The Dreamer   , 626 words  
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16GB iPod Nano 5th Gen in Red

So, that happened...I promptly ordered one. Even though it just having video and such wasn't really a big reason to get it for me. The somewhat bigger screen is probably the edge to me.

Have only used it less than a day...but some quirks and things.

First thing I decided to disable disk mode, so I can easily plug and unplug it. Since while I leave iTunes running all the time, it is stashed away on a different VirtWin space and switching is a pain. And, the iTunes is a pain....the UI is slow and awkward, etc.

I pretty much have just podcasts on it...there's about 600MB left for music....eventually figured out how to get it to just fill free space. Have to leave all the playlists and artists unselected and let it fill from some unknown list.... I though the option would make it magically fill from what I had selected, but it kept complaining that the SmartList I had selected (songs played more than 10 times that I've rated highly)....but it kept complaining that there wasn't enough room for the entire list, and offering to remove all my podcasts.

But, podcasts is the primary purpose of my iPod Nano. Still syncing some to the iPhone for now...but that'll probably change once I'm comfortable with the Nano.

Other quirks I've run into...there's no option to add the VoiceMemo option to the main menu. Which was one feature of the new iPod Nano that seemed like it would make it useful to have. Had toyed with getting a voice recorder at one time....may still have to.

I had some issues with video...but I managed to figure it out. Should probably sit down with the manual sometimes to figure out the nuances since my iPod 2G/3G days... (there's a 1st Gen shuffle somewhere, but that wasn't much to talk about....)

But, so far it seems to be the answer...guess time will tell. In time, I'll catch up on podcasts and free up more space for music, too.

Though the new 64GB iPod Touch was tempting for being big enough to whole all my current music....and probably more now that I'm thinking it might be time to update my collection with more recent stuff by some of my favorite artists....

Wonder what the future will hold....

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