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Netflix: Dead Like Me: Life After Death


  08:38:04 pm, by The Dreamer   , 119 words  
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Netflix: Dead Like Me: Life After Death

Link: http://www.netflix.com/Movie/Dead_Like_Me_Life_After_Death/70112370?trkid=226871

I rated this 4 stars.


I wonder if there'll be more....

Watching this stream was hard for some reason....

I first started watching it on my Cox HSI connected TiVo HD, I saw that it was an HD stream...so I thought I made the right choice. But, it kept rebuffering every 2-3 minutes.

So, I switched over to my DSL connected TiVo HD....it continued to stream in HD, and it did rebuffer a couple of times during...but it was otherwise fine.

Usually I expect the reverse.

I think I'm going to bump the TiVo HD's QoS priority on the DSL side, since my VoIP service is slanted to the Cox side. So, something should get the highest priority with DSL....

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