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Rainapocalyse: The Post


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Rainapocalyse: The Post

Later it was getting late and dark...so I went home to see what I should do next. The power came on for a few seconds, and then crashed. But, it was long enough to revive a couple of UPSs, that made lots of noise for about 5 minutes.

Since the bedroom PowerSource 400 was still working, I decided to risk it and go to bed with my CPAP. Probably about an hour later...the power came back on. At first I stayed in bed, but eventually I had poke my head out and check all the stuff that had come back on....and what didn't.

The UPS for 'lhaven' wouldn't stay on. Guess its toast. I took it out, and started 'lhaven' up....it needed to check all the filesystems, since it had been more than 180 days last boot (225). /home2 (a 300G drive) failed to fsck. Ultimately it was a lost cause, and it has been disabled. Don't know if/when I'll get around to replacing it. But, eventually 'lhaven' is back up. UPS will probably be first priority.

'box' wouldn't boot at all. Looks like the power supply is toast. Problem. 'box' is my DNS master and DHCP server, it is also kind of a router...though I could probably get around that. Though 'gumby' is in a such a state, where it has difficulty working properly without both 'box' and 'lhaven' working.

Gonna see about either getting a power supply for it or another box to try to resurrect the disk on. The current machine is the 3rd that the system has lived on.

I took the drive out and mounted it on 'orac'...so I can try to get DNS and DHCP working again on there. I was surprised that my phone worked, since it is DHCP dependent. But, I found I couldn't print....guess the network printer is dependent. Or maybe it got toasted (hope not). It wasn't on UPS.

Other than those usual annoyances...everything else seems to have survived. Well, haven't checked my TiVo or ReplayTVs yet. And, that might be a problem, since they were all DHCP dependent. So getting dhcp going again will probably be my first priority. The slave DNS should still be working and that should keep things working....


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