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upgrading to Karmic Koala


  01:36:00 pm, by The Dreamer   , 568 words  
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upgrading to Karmic Koala

I hadn't intended to start upgrading systems to Karmic Koala so soon...since the servers are kind of pegged with other people downloading and upgrading. But, playing around with do-release-upgrade on my Ubuntu server at work....at first (on Thursday) it didn't show the release and the later it did.

Since its running as a Guest on my Solaris 10 x86 desktop, in VirtualBox, I could take a snapshot and let it go. Plus its a pretty minimal server...its just to run BOINC. It estimated that it would take about 4 hours to download what it needed. Guess it doesn't take advantage of the I2, or things were pretty saturated....

When I came in yesterday, it was still going...was kind of hard with it blanking the screen and stopping waiting for input...but it kept chugging along and eventually upgraded and all seemed good.

So, last night I decided to pull the trigger and upgrade my notebook (ulkc). It warned about a lot more stuff that was unsupported and would be removed, and lots of warnings about all the 3rdparty stuff. But it gave an estimate of 10 hours to download and asked if I wanted to continue.

Sure :lalala:

When I got up the next morning it was waiting to ask about differences in my mod blacklist, it wanted to add pcspkr but it wasn't going to keep the modules I had blacklisted...and no option to merge or stuff....so I told it to keep my blacklist. Wonder what'll happen when I do box, since there's nothing connected to its sound card....so its only way to make noise is through its pc speaker.

After it was done and rebooted, two things didn't work. The firefox button on the panel, since default had changed from firefox 3.0 to firefox 3.5 (though I've been using 3.5 since it came out, just replace /usr/bin/firefox with a new symlink)....easy enough to replace. And, virtualbox.

I reinstated the 3rdparty sources for apt, and checked for updates. Guess there's no Karmic repository for Boxee yet. The only thing that did upgrade was dropbox.

So, I uninstalled virtualbox (it was 2.2) and reinstalled it (3.0 from the karmic repo). And, then I tested it.

It worked.

Now it had been some time since I had fired up my Windows XP guest on here...so there were lots of updates that it needed to do. New GoodSync, New RoboForm, New Firefox, AntiVirus updates, and a slew of Windows patches....on ya, that's where I left it....guess I should go finish all the updates....

There, that all seems happy....guess we'll see if that continues as I use it.

Not sure when I'll upgrade 'box'. Probably wait a bit for that, with it being such an important server I really hate the downtime to upgrade, etc. I probably should've gone LTS, but too late to go back. Though dhcp failover needs both servers to be the same version...so eventually I'll get it to the next LTS and then leave in there (and upgrade my other LTS server, orac, to that LTS).....

So, that leaves my ASUS Eee PC 901 (lkceee), its running an early Netbook Remix version of unbuntu 8.10. Where upgrading isn't supported. And, I didn't want to do a reinstall when 9.04 came out. But, someday I might take a look at getting the Netbook Remix of 9.10 and installing that. Perhaps someday when I have a lot of time to do the planning for it, and just have a lot of time....

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