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New computer migration process


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New computer migration process

I thought about continuing the work through out the day, because it was strange that I didn't run into it at work....but apparently, I don't use Samba shares from my Windows 7 box at work. I use backuppc to back it up, but I went for the rsync method. Samba had been unpredictable for backing up my old work computer, so I had opted to try something different. Guess, I'll have to do the same at home.

So last night, I set out to install various known packages that I need or would need, before making the move to restore my Firefox and Thunderbird profiles. Like the all important PuTTY, especially the one to my irssi screen session to keep on the going on's on IRC. I also started the process of connecting some of the external devices.

First was the Tripp-Lite SMART1500 UPS, the PowerAlert(?) software requires Java, but didn't check or install it. Then, I plugged in my USB hub, I was working to a USB Serial adapter for a device that I need to do weekly uploads of...which I usually do Monday nights, though it just needs to get done once week (during a Sunday-Saturday period). But the device had stopped working via USB on TARDIS, so I had resorted to using serial port on there....which is fine, because TARDIS is old enough to have serial ports. But, the new computer is legacy free.... And, I thought I should know if I was going to do the upload from new computer or not.

I then continued to connect other USB devices. Next up were my Stamp.com LabelWriter 320 and LabelWriter 400. Found the latest software for Windows 7, and went to plug-in the LabelWriter 320. No go. I then tried the LabelWriter 400, it worked...tried the LabelWriter 320 again, still no go. Kind of non-descript that 'USB Printing Support' is what failed for the LabelWriter 320, but it worked when I plugged in the LabelWriter 400....but that didn't make the LabelWriter 320 go. Anyways, guess my LabelWriter 320 is not one of the 3 models that is still supported by the new software/Windows 7. Not sure how I feel about this. A new LabelWriter 450 (w/NetStamps from Stamps.com) does look interesting, but not one of the upgrades I'm thinking of doing just yet.

Though, just before bed, with lots of cross application dependencies, I decided to take the plunge and move my Thunderbird profile....

Once I had started Thunderbird up with the copied over profile, I was pretty much committed. Because the many accounts that I POP mail from would now be unique to this machine. I think what prompted me was that there was an old email that I wanted to find last night....though it turned out to be unnecessary, since I found it to be in my gmail account. Had thought that it might have been in one of my former outlook PST files, which I had imported into Thunderbird several years ago. Thunderbird came up with the copied over profile and complained about some bad inbox summary files, but it was only one imap account that it was unhappy about. Will have to spend some time later resync'ng the 4.8GB of mail that I current have in my work account.

So far all the old emails are there, though the read/unread state has been messed up. There was an issue because I hadn't installed gpg4win on the new computer yet, so every folder/message click was an error dialog. But, installing it seemed to get everything working again. Had to go through my settings to update the location of my signature files, but that seems to have done it.

Thunderbird search is so much faster on new computer. Was interesting seeing FoxyTunes reporting my iTunes as idle....it usually is, but I have installed iTunes on here yet...not sure about that move.

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Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Apparently, the screen issue I saw is a long standing issue between screensavers and explorer. And, the fix is to restart it, of course not all my systray icons come back afterwards. It was just more dramatic this morning at home than what I had seen on work computer.

Though I caught my computer a split second after the screensaver kicked, and that recreated the problem I saw this morning. Quicklaunch gone, blank spots in systray, and gradually more and more problems….

Kill explorer and restart seems to be the only fix.

All I ever use is the blank screensaver that comes with Windows. (set to lock, so to be in compliance with security policy at work.)

Don’t think I could disable it…since its a long idle time to when I have the monitor turn off…and I don’t want it doing that more frequently. But, don’t want to see my desktop for so long when I try to look away from it…or I should be sleeping.

12/28/10 @ 16:29
Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Just my luck….I wrote about the problem I feared of continuing to use Thunderbird on TARDIS after I had migrated to running on Zen. And, turns out I had the Thunderbird on Sasha (Windows 7 at work) ‘misconfigured’, and emails received during today for an account have disappeared.

Not really a big deal I think the only one of importance was just a notification, didn’t contain anything important.

12/28/10 @ 17:19
Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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