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New computer migration process


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New computer migration process

As I was going through the tabs from 'Daily'...I saw an interesting shirt on RIPT Apparel, and decided to buy it. Surprised I didn't have a login saved, and I couldn't remember if I had made one or not. Last time/first time that I ordered was in the lobby of the Westin during LobbyCon following Chicago TARDIS. I got the Whosicle shirt. Anyways, I ended up creating an account and ordering today's shirt. That meant I needed to record the transaction in Quicken. Since the E-mail confirmation would arrive on Zen, and....

How to move Quicken? Well, I had purchased it by digital download from Amazon.com. So, I reinstalled the download tool from Amazon and it automatically re-downloaded it. And, I installed that. During the install it updated itself. So, guess all should be good.

I then went looking for the QDF-Backup and used that to get the new Quicken (Premiere 2010) on Zen going again. That went well...there were some minor preference tweaks, namely dialogs that I had told it not to annoy me with anymore and where to put the backup in the future. Will sit down and revise my GoodSync arrangement of getting backups spread around, later. Probably during the process where I work on moving the bulk of my data over, and some of the exotic by frequently used apps....plus that Cygwin and backuppc thing I need to do (plus install X, for the occasions that I need it...like to ssh in and run jnbSA, used to do VNC -- but don't have Windows version on my desktop anymore and the dual monitor desktop at work is hard to work, perhaps less so on Zen now...but still a pain. RDP is an option, but it messes up my icons and stuff on the desktop at work.)

Meanwhile, it occurs to me...can stamps.com print to a network LabelWriter? If so, I could leave the LabelWriter 320 on TARDIS for when I need that. At least for the short term. OTOH, I could just leave stamps.com on TARDIS, since all my other shipping supplies are stored in this room anyways. Or just how much do I still need to have stamps.com? They had long ago increased the monthly fee to where it was getting hard to justify it over its convenience. And, my mail volume is dropping to the point where I may make that conclusion....

Now what? :yawn:

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Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Apparently, the screen issue I saw is a long standing issue between screensavers and explorer. And, the fix is to restart it, of course not all my systray icons come back afterwards. It was just more dramatic this morning at home than what I had seen on work computer.

Though I caught my computer a split second after the screensaver kicked, and that recreated the problem I saw this morning. Quicklaunch gone, blank spots in systray, and gradually more and more problems….

Kill explorer and restart seems to be the only fix.

All I ever use is the blank screensaver that comes with Windows. (set to lock, so to be in compliance with security policy at work.)

Don’t think I could disable it…since its a long idle time to when I have the monitor turn off…and I don’t want it doing that more frequently. But, don’t want to see my desktop for so long when I try to look away from it…or I should be sleeping.

12/28/10 @ 16:29
Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Just my luck….I wrote about the problem I feared of continuing to use Thunderbird on TARDIS after I had migrated to running on Zen. And, turns out I had the Thunderbird on Sasha (Windows 7 at work) ‘misconfigured’, and emails received during today for an account have disappeared.

Not really a big deal I think the only one of importance was just a notification, didn’t contain anything important.

12/28/10 @ 17:19
Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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