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Cyberweek Activities


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Cyberweek Activities

And, other things that happened this week....I finally got around to ordering that new Tilley Hat, I kept saying I would...a TW2. I bought an airplane ticket for Gallifrey One. It took a long time to go from purchased to ticketed on the aa.com website, figured it was just cybermonday busy-ness...but apparently more sinister in that AMR filed chapter 11 on Tuesday. The charge hit my card on Tuesday instead.

I picked up a pile of other things....hopefully it'll make me ready enough to take my DSLR out on a trip or two. And, I pulled the trigger on a couple software upgrades. I purchased O&O Defrag 15 just a single computer license. For 95 cents less than what I paid for the 3pack of O&O Defrag 14, less than a year ago. Hmmm. I was only running the O&O Defrag 14 in two places....Zen and my computer at work (huh? :crazy: ) At the time, I had envisioned that there would be a windows laptop down the road....but its not likely to happen for at least another year. Though now that I'm up to 4 Eye-Fi cards....it does present a challenge traveling and not having a Windows computer to manage the cards with (add new WiFi networks)...especially since the two recent cards are X2's, where the eyefi-config tool for Linux doesn't yet support these. Though reportedly the latest version does support the Pro X2, but it doesn't support the Mobile X2....yet. It was the Mobile X2 that I had with me at Chicago TARDIS. I didn't get to setting up the Pro X2 until Tuesday...its intended for my DSLR anyways. Still need a few more items for that, and maybe I'll take it on my upcoming holiday trip...before finding out if I'm ready at Gallifrey One.

The other software I upgraded was Quicken Premier 2012. Strange that getting the download version from Amazon, doesn't use the Games&Software downloader like previous two purchases did. Though it put the downloaded file on my desktop, though I couldn't see where it had done this...so it made for some annoyance in having downloaded it, but not being ready to install it right away.

The upgrade was kind of painful...and still has its issues. The first was making a bunch of old bills appear...the mortgage function had broken a couple times in 2010, where I had to remake it a few times...to get it to correctly figure out P+I....again. Couldn't accept them, couldn't skip them, couldn't do anything with them...but they were there. Eventually found a forum post to run the file validation to fix it.

Well, it kind of did... It entered all the past bills, and left the future bills present (but I was able to delete them then). And, the bills shouldn't have continued because I paid off that mortgage (created a new mortgage when I refinanced with a different payee). I had go through my checking account register to remove the bogus debits....hopefully all the balances are right. Though it also mucked around with my Discover card (annoying thing about Quicken is that when you void a transaction, it deletes the amount information....unlike Microsoft Money which just marks the transaction void. So you still know how much the transaction was for, and when you unvoid it...the amount will be there.) It found a void entry that had an amount, so it removed the void state from it. It was a transaction pre-Quicken. It also claimed I was missing stock actions that had happened a long time ago....well before Quicken Premier 2010 (I started with Microsoft Money 98 to Microsoft Money Plus, before being forced to switch to Quicken....there was a time where I thought I'd switch to Mac, so had considered...except Mac Quicken was nowhere near where Windows Quicken was...and I needed the Windows Quicken to convert...don't know if Mac has caught up yet. Probably won't ever matter.)

Should probably plan on getting Turbo Tax at some point...

So, I feel that there should've been more to this blog post...but guess what...I've forgotten about it already.

But, I do wonder if there's a tool to crosspost from tumblr to b2evolution (or vice versa)...since I seem to throw stuff on there, that I would like to bring back together into a single timeline somewhere...

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Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Oh yeah….with CO detector setup….the display is reading ‘0′. Guess its all good then….

Meanwhile, one of the other Cyberweek activities was I bought a new domain…. and .com one. (previously mentioned a kindle fire motivation to wanting a .com domain name.) Though I don’t know if I’ll ever develop a website for it….or what to do with the web part. Leave it pointed at the 403 error page, for not having a doc root yet….

Going to be super tedious though to migrate all my @chen-online.net addresses to it.

12/01/11 @ 16:55
Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Starting to wish I hadn’t named the ‘new’ computer ‘lhaven’. Because….its nothing like the old ‘lhaven’, and now I can’t use that name should I ever get around to what I had intended to do to replace that machine. Or do the kinds of things I used to do on ‘lhaven’ besides run BOINC.

I had started the tedious process of customizing the Windows XP environment to make it useable…but I stopped, Because, the only reason it exists is to be a full-time BOINC machine. So, it likely won’t be useful for anything else. Though I might want to move Wallwatcher from ‘tardis’ over to it…sometime between now and when ‘tardis’ regenerates. Forget what else I have that’s still running on the old ‘tardis’ that couldn’t make it to Windows 7.

12/04/11 @ 10:10
Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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