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I guess it was time to replace my WRT54GS routers


  02:49:29 pm, by The Dreamer   , 930 words  
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I guess it was time to replace my WRT54GS routers

Link: http://www.amazon.com/Buffalo-Technology-AirStation-Wireless-WHR-HP-GN/dp/B002WBV37Y/

For quite some time, I've been running WRT54GS routers....that I had hacked to run Sveasoft Alchemy...eventually reaching 1.0 release and then pretty much doing very little to.

Originally, I had gotten a WRT54GS v1.1 that I upgraded, and used with my Roadrunner Cablemodem service. Later word came out that newer WRT54GS had less memory than before, and were switching to non-replaceable OSs. So, I started keeping an eye out for older WRT54GS routers...to get as a spare. One day in a Wal-Mart, I was going through the WRT54GS's on a shelf...when way at the back behind the newer v5 stock, was a v2.0. Well, I had to buy it right then and there.

Later when I moved to Manhattan, KS...I was presented with the opportunity to go dual WAN. Well, wasn't my intent, but I was forced into it. So, not wanting to mess up my 'cable' configs. I set up the backup WRT54GS for DSL use.

And, things have been humming along pretty well, with the two WRT54GS routers and the running of both Cox and AT&T broadband.

That was until last September....I was trying transparent proxy and ended up bricking the WRT54GS for DSL. So, I started looking online for a new router to replace the WRT54GS that would be better than what I had now. One of the key features of Sveasoft is the better QoS...which was important since I was doing a lot of VoIP (having at the time both Lingo and Vonage, since neither had Manhattan, KS numbers...they have since gone away...and its just Broadvoice now. But, I've been thinking of getting another....) But, I had turned of QoS on the cable one, because I found that it was affecting my ability to see the speed improvements that Cox had been making to it. So, I had already started looking at what next after WRT54GS....but now with a bricked router, things were more urgent.

So, what I did was order a pair of Buffalo WHR-HP-GN (with dd-wrt) routers from Amazon, using Amazon Prime...on September 9, 2010.

Well, after that was done....I went to work on the bricked router some more...and eventually got it reset to factor settings and working again. Of course, I didn't have any recent backups of my configs...and there had been a lot of changes since the initial DSL setup in July 2006. So, there was a painful process of restoring old settings and then slowly tweaking things back to reasonable...based on stuff on the 'cable' router.

It was sufficiently working...and since the WHR-HP-GN wasn't a planned purchase...I didn't have time right away to play with them, so I set them aside for later. Now I'm behind on lots of purchases....but that's another story.

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Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Found a newer build of dd-wrt, and performance seems to be somewhat better now.

Newer build also has tcp congestion control, which seems interesting…given that I don’t do VoIP on cable, ATM. It might be okay to with without QoS, though don’t have any IVS transfers going on right now…so that might change things.

But, did some quick speedtests..and the numbers were way beyond what I should get….suspect ISP compression is skewing things…like 22M/8M….

Left QoS enabled on DSL though….but got down that was better than before (though still less than without QoS)…up was still kind of low…but I didn’t go over to other computer to stop a transfer on there.

Meanwhile…while browsing routers on Amazon…apparently I accidentally clicked 1-click buy on something…instead of add to wishlist, and I didn’t even notice the different screen. Or maybe its the annoying Amazon Toolbar that bit me….hate that when I type a search in there, it puts the result into the tab that I’m on….plus it starting to suggest results made it hard to see what I was typing into the search box.

11/13/11 @ 16:21
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