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Today is supposed to be Roku day


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Today is supposed to be Roku day

Then today's Amazon Prime deliveries showed up, since the main item was the Roku XDS... I put it aside to get to later. Though the order included a MediFlow Waterbase pillow. So far its being a pain on filling it and make it not slosh, need to brew up some more distilled water....before I try again. I really like my current buckwheat pillow, but it seems I'm allergic to it.

Then my delivery from Hassle Free Grocery. A couple years ago there was a local online grocery delivery company called nohasslegroceries. It was okay, but then it went away temporarily...which seems to have turned permanent. Sure would've been nice to have had during the H1N1 and later the broken toe... But, then a few weeks ago, I got a door hanger for Hassle Free Grocery. It largely seems to work the same way as its predecessor. Carries Wal-Mart store brands, similar delivery model. Though it made one change. Only deliveries Monday to Friday...though between 12-8. $7.50 for same day delivery and $2.50 for delivery on a different date. So, no to Saturday's. Guess I would see if there's an evening in the future where I know I'll be home to catch a delivery.

But, then I was looking at my vacation balance, and saw I need to take a vacation day this pay period...or I would lose it (and will continue to need to find a day to take off in most pay periods for the near future). So after much thought and recent partial cable outages affecting my Cox service. I decided to take the plunge and order a Roku XDS (pretty much my only option, because its the only model with optical audio output....) And, since I was going to be home all day....I decided to shoot my first Hassle Free Grocery order for this day.

Seems okay still. Selection isn't super, but I can get fresh/frozen stuff that I wouldn't otherwise get. As well as heavy items....

Next up...a look at what I got from Staples back on President's Day.

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Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Darn…I knew I had gotten a pair of 6ft eSATA cables that I ended up not needing that I needed for this project.

I had gotten them because I wanted to put the TR5Ms somewhere different and wasn’t sure if the supplied cables would be long enough, they turned out to be long enough.

The supplied cables for the MS2T aren’t long enough since the enclosures are sitting more or less side by side…and the MS2T is furthest away from computer….and easier to run long cables to it than recable the others.

But, I already ordered a pair of 6ft6 eSATA cables from eBay…..think I’ll wait to see those turn up and decide which I want to use. I had also slurged to get red ones from eBay….

03/18/11 @ 20:14
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