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Today is supposed to be Roku day


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Today is supposed to be Roku day

In some previous post, I mentioned that I was keeping an eye on the Staples Desley Mesh Task Chair. Like the one I had gotten for where TARDIS moved to, I wanted to get another one for the other computer area (orac, lhaven, box, gumby)...where my 25+ year old task chair was currently sitting before it makes its way to the curb (though furniture day is still a ways off....). Sure enough it went on sale for President's Day...so I ordered it. It is normally $49.99, sale price is/was $29.99. Either way it is under the $50 mark for free delivery. So, I would need to get something else to go with it. In a previous President's Day sale with Staples, I had gotten an APC UPS. (I've also gotten other UPSs from Staples) So, I checked to see what they had on sale for President's Day...and got that. I know that a while back I was thinking that I could use another UPS for something, but didn't feel like it was that critical to get one then.

But, now I can't recall what it was that I wanted the UPS for...so I haven't gotten to it yet.

I also didn't get to setting up the new chair...but I'm working on that now....


...or did.

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Darn…I knew I had gotten a pair of 6ft eSATA cables that I ended up not needing that I needed for this project.

I had gotten them because I wanted to put the TR5Ms somewhere different and wasn’t sure if the supplied cables would be long enough, they turned out to be long enough.

The supplied cables for the MS2T aren’t long enough since the enclosures are sitting more or less side by side…and the MS2T is furthest away from computer….and easier to run long cables to it than recable the others.

But, I already ordered a pair of 6ft6 eSATA cables from eBay…..think I’ll wait to see those turn up and decide which I want to use. I had also slurged to get red ones from eBay….

03/18/11 @ 20:14
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