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Today is supposed to be Roku day


  02:48:37 pm, by The Dreamer   , 1358 words  
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Today is supposed to be Roku day

Now to setup the Roku XDS. The driver was the recent free streaming for Amazon Prime customers....well, my TiVo HD can't receive the free streaming, and there was stuff I was interested in. Last couple of weeks, channels have been missing during primetime...and I've missed shows. ondemand for TiVo Premiere hasn't shown up yet. At first I looked at purchase options, but a friend said the show I missed is on Hulu....well, I might be able to use the old AppleTV with boxee to see it. But, it pretty much looked like a Roku XDS was going to happen....and did happen before I heard that the show I missed is on Hulu.

The AppleTV was still connected, but opted to continue to ignore it ... can't recall when I last used it. Though I did move it to sync with Zen, which meant new sync preferences and I didn't get into specific shows I wanted on there....just know that all the content I have in my iTunes collection won't fit on the 160GB drive in the AppleTV....so broad categories are missing.

Some point later I'll be looking at Gabby and see if uShare off of orac will work.

So, the new Roku XDS (smaller than I expected) is going to go where the AppleTV is. I had to go with XDS because I need separate (optical) audio. That's how everything else feeds audio to my receiver. And, I use HDMI to DVI cables on the devices with HDMI outputs, because I use a Zektor HDVI5 switch...and the HD monitor only has the one DVI input.

Not sure when I'm going to get a new TV, but its on my list....

But off to play with the new Roku XDS.... :cool:

Wonder when I'll get to the other new bits that that I acquired a while back but haven't gotten around to yet.... :hmm:

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Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Darn…I knew I had gotten a pair of 6ft eSATA cables that I ended up not needing that I needed for this project.

I had gotten them because I wanted to put the TR5Ms somewhere different and wasn’t sure if the supplied cables would be long enough, they turned out to be long enough.

The supplied cables for the MS2T aren’t long enough since the enclosures are sitting more or less side by side…and the MS2T is furthest away from computer….and easier to run long cables to it than recable the others.

But, I already ordered a pair of 6ft6 eSATA cables from eBay…..think I’ll wait to see those turn up and decide which I want to use. I had also slurged to get red ones from eBay….

03/18/11 @ 20:14
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