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Waiting for a plumber, at least I fixed doorbell.


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Waiting for a plumber, at least I fixed doorbell.

For sometime, the drain in the bathroom sink had been running slowly....I had tried drain cleaner and short snake, was thinking that I'd pull the trap off some time and take a look.

The toilet has always been a problem, but I suspect that's because the fill valve is leaking....never seem to get around to disabling the only toilet in my home to try fixing it myself. Perhaps some day I will.

But, then I noticed that the shower doesn't drain as well as it used to. Was thinking that I might get some drain cleaner on the weekend, and see if that helps. I had snaked it myself once years ago, that had helped a lot. Not sure where that longer snake has gone too now....

But, came home from dentist this morning to find that shower hadn't drained from this morning yet. And, for sometime I had thought I had heard water noises, but wasn't able to find the source. Still can't. Seems bathroom is on a different drain than the kitchen/washer...so maybe its time I got a plumber in to go long through drain.

It has been almost 3 years since I had the plumber in to snake the kitchen drain, that was worse though, because water was backing up and flowing on the floor. Though is was partly because the drain line for the dishwasher hadn't been put it right to prevent backflow. He borrowed some of my cable ties and fixed that while he was there. Hopefully this time around things won't be as expensive....last time being a Sunday when it had happened.

Meanwhile....for sometime I had noticed the doorbell was being kind of annoying. People seemed able to get it to ring when they used it, but the light had gone out...so I had assumed they couldn't see it at night, so weren't always using it then. I had intended to see about replacing the light earlier this year, but then I saw that the light was working again. So, I forgot all about it.

But, then last night I got a delivery from Dominos. I happened to walk past my front door, wondering why the delivery hadn't shown up yet and heard some rustling. After a moment, I peeked to see what was out there...and there was the delivery guy just standing there? :??:

After he left, I checked my doorbell. It didn't ring. I noticed that the vinyl siding flexed under the doorbell, so I worked the button a bit...and got it to light, but still no ring. Guess a wire is loose. I'll look at it in the afternoon after my dentist appointment.

So, now that I've had my dentist appointment...and after having called the plumber...for a probably Thursday call. I went to tackle the doorbell.

I unscrewed it from the siding and saw that one of the wires had broken off and was only making intermittent contact. I guess if you push it the right way instead of making the light work, it would make the doorbell ring. Its a pretty tight run of cable and its solid wire...and it felt old, probably original to the building from the 60's (the wire, the button was probably new when the building was renovated around 2005.) Plus one of the wires went around screw the wrong way....which makes me guess who might have done that work.

I exposed some new wire....hooked it round right and attached it. While I was doing that, the other wire popped off (the one that went the wrong way...I was thinking that after I was done, I would check the other screw for tightness.) Well, I tried to bend the wire the other way, and it broke off...it was about to break off at the flex point at the screw. So, I exposed some new wire and hooked that on.

Hmmm, can't tell if the light is working now....guess we'll find out later.

Meanwhile, I had to check the doorbell itself. Had wondered about it, but it had been plastered into the wall....lots of things are this way in my condo. So, I started to pry at it with flat blade screwdriver....when I decided it might go faster if I used putty knife. And, then I got the cover mostly off...it was stuck at the top, but it swung up on that edge.

That was my fault though. Since I had been here, it had bothered me that there was gap of unplastered wallboard above the doorbell. Couldn't really see it unless you were up close, like cleaning the around it. Which happens more often that I would like. So, last weekend...forgoing groceries due to heat, I decided to do something about it. I got out the DAP Elastopatch and filled in the void...sealing the top edge of the doorbell in...and later touched it up with some paint, and then I started dabbing paint everywhere else. Black mark on wall that would probably wash off with some elbow grease....I painted over it. Noticed some shiny or too whites spots here and there...touch up here and there. Though I stopped before I touched up the spot behind dryer that had been patched (after hole was cut to get ferret out from inside wall)....the patch seems to have shrunk a bit though, but had already sealed up Elastopatch...maybe next time.

So, I eventually got out box cutters and cut the cover free...though probably didn't need to. Not sure if taking the cover caused it or not, but one of the wires popped free from doorbell. So, I put it back and well, it rings.

If it weren't for the pizza delivery guy not knocking yesterday, I don't know how I feel about fixing the door bell though. Earlier in the year, I kept getting visited by drunk people. The guy came by repeatedly after then realized he was at the wrong place after I answered the door. A drunk woman tried to force her way in despite being told she was at the wrong place...or whatever. So, its back to policy of not answering the door after 10.


Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Plumber made it out today….longer wait than I thought, but in the end….worth it.

The water level did clear over night, but was back when I took my morning shower and persisted until they showed up.

They ran their snake the full length…it did hit some hair, but not what was preventing things from draining. The worked up from the cleanout at ground level and found a bigger clot. Probably prehistoric too. Had slowly been getting worse and worse, until finally.

When they cleared, there was quite the gurgling as the standing water in my tub left.

Perhaps the strange gurgling sounds I sometimes hear on weekends but can’t locate, might be explained away. As in standing water inside the drain, so not visible…later getting through. Or something like that.

Strange that it stopped up so bad, so suddenly though…..but I guess that’s the way things go.

07/21/11 @ 17:25
Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Oh yeah….since forever, the flange around the shower arm has been loose (makes an annoying noise when it falls….)…I was thinking earlier that should I ever get the DAP Elastopatch out again….I should set the flange into the wall. Hopefully I’ll remember whenever that time comes.

Though I also keep thinking that someday I might hire a plumber to upgrade my shower….though I don’t know how extensive of an upgrade I’m going to go with yet. Might require a general contractor of some sort instead….

The tub in the condo is too small for me to use as anything except a shower…but someday it would be nice if I could. Had occurred that I should do that if I find myself in a hotel…though the last few hotels I stayed at were shower only….

07/21/11 @ 17:31
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