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I got a new phone, and it's ... bricked, bricked ... rooted!


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I got a new phone, and it's ... bricked, bricked ... rooted!

And, now that I had a new phone...I started the slow process of tracking down all the apps I had before, apps I hadn't had before, and apps to success apps I hd before. I opted to go with Go Launcher Ex insead of the stock Sense UI. Think the only widget I kind of miss is the WiFi Calling switch. Not sure hot to see its status, seems to only appear if I really have no service.

Anyways...at first I wasn't sure if I would root the phone. But, before I settled on going with Go Launcher...I had this problem. Certain widgets I was accustom to, would appear on the phone. Namely touchdown widgets. There was a HTC optimization fix, so I let it install now...went a long quicker than expected. But, a reboot later...and the widgets worked.

Well, I had done research on rooting the myTouch 4G Slide, before I had purchsed it. There was no simple way to do it, only one phone was easy...but it was kind of useless (2.1, and no updates, and nobody working on one.)

Settled on a site with the process for the myTouch 4G slide...and thought I'd do it Friday monring before work. Well, I was a little late....

The Process was basically, TempRoot it, Revolution it (S-OFF the bootloader, install a recovery manager) and then PermRoot it.

Well, the first three steps went pretty good...but the PermRoot failed, and it got stuck booting up. Go to recovery, poke around with 'adb shell'....try to fix up what the PermRoot failure had done. No go.

Try installing a custom rom instead...basically a stock 1.28.531.9 pre-rooted and optioned de-odexed.

The install of that also failed, and things got worse.

Eventually I tracked down the restore image, and restored my phone back to factory.

One upside, was that while in recovery...I had done backup. Not until the PermRoot had failed....but my data should be safe to restore to whatever I do get working.

Though reading along...the OTA update I got changed me to 1.28.531.10...and alledgely the HBOOT was different so couldn't get done. But, it had worked and the version matched.

Anyways...not restored back to stock...I tried the process again, without the OTA update. Again PermRoot failed. Got newer su package, noticed it says to backup before installing it. Wish the root guide I was working from had suggested that too. Eventually just updated by hand and then I tried to get the OTA update. No go with the changed recovery. :hmm:

Thought about it some more, and I restored to factory, let it OTA update to 1.28.531.10, temp rooted it...revolution'd it. (don't recall if S-OFF was already off the first time, but it was off the latter two timess.)

But, I didn't do the PermRoot procedure. Instead if unzipped the file onto my microSD card..and followled the update-script steps by hand. And, all seems good.

Having root, means I can have Titanium backup...though I put SetCPU and RomManager on as well. Not sure what SetCPU is getting me extra yet (but with stock detection, it seemed to help battery life on my Droid2). RomManager didn't do much on the Droid2 or my gTablet. But, I eventually went aheahd and upgraded the recovery image, and ran a system backup... and, it actually did one.

Oh and the biggy....AdFree. Hadn't realized how annoying the ads were until using this phone. The only ones I haven't put back on are wireless tethering (never used it on my Droid2, not sure I would need to use it. I have a WalMart VirginMobile MiFi, which I've used a couple times....), Fast Reboot, since the myTouch has a reboot option in the power menu, and Tor...though I put that back on at a later date. I suppose another missing app is openvpn, though I never got that configured.

Also no Root Explorer, not sure how much delving into things I'm going to go this time.

Meanwhile....I had considered getting a Jitterbug with 5Star instead...and perhaps I'll still do that. And, ditch the work phone (though work calls going to this phone....since I don't think I want 5Star and the other Jitterbug services being interfered with by work. Though the real issue is having a phone that'll last a weekend on a single charge....Don't know if the Jitterbug is that way, but at least it looks like it should be.

Guess we'll see....

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