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Replacing Batteries in my first PowerSource 400 ... then second and more.


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Replacing Batteries in my first PowerSource 400 ... then second and more.

Later, a FedEx delivery crashed by my front door, followed by a couple of attempts to bash in my door.... When I got to door, the FedEx guy was causally walking away. So, I took in my box of UPS batteries. Which I had ordered impulsively when I came home from a recent conference, and determined that the periodic beep was zen's UPS alerting of bad battery.

Since some storm in August, power seems to have gotten pretty unstable lately. During certain times of day...like evenings, it causes the UPS to jump in for a few seconds every now and then. I switched my SmartUPS 1400 to Medium sensitivity. Also it seems to be set for 115VAC, while the TrippLite SMART1500 is expecting 120VAC....where during the times voltage tends to be around 115VAC. Not sure if AVR works in either or any of my UPSs....

But, since the TrippLite SMART1500 had gotten very annoying, since everytime it switched to battery for a perceived dip (doesn't seem to tolerate anything below 115VAC)....it would start beeping about the bad battery status, requiring another beep when I press the silence button. So, I immediately set to replacing the batteries. Even though its supposed to be possible to hot swap it, I opt to shut zen down. Needed to move the UPS to get to back, though with a little work the cords are long enough...though I unplug them all anyways, since I wanted to make sure I knew what they all were.

Remove two screws and the door pops off, had to tilt the UPS a bit to get the batteries to slide out, remove black wire....the continue to slide batteries out and remove red wire. The reverse was a little harder. The original battery pack consists of 3 12V7.2Ah SLAs, and I had purchased a box of 8 12V9Ah SLAs. These are pretty close to the same size and usually work fine everywhere that I've used them in the past. Though it seems to just be enough out to cause a problem going into the SMART`1500. The new batteries make it one battery in, when it catches somewhere. The only break in the 'rails' is in the middle where the outer case joins front and back, its not near there and nothing around there would cause problems. Eventually, I see its the 'feet' on the batteries that are catching. Not sure what the issue is....either the new batteries are just a bit taller, or I didn't get the batteries assembled perfectly even (starting to suspect the latter....since the top of the UPS isn't a flat surface....)

But, tilt the UPS and a tap and it slams in....then I have to tilt the other way and get it to come out a bit so I can reattach the black wire. Which was harder to get on than any of the others for some reason. Eventually, its all closed up....so I plug things back into it and plug it into the wall. But, I don't turn it on at first. Its just charging, but it periodically stops in the same way its been doing when it switches to battery. I have an old TrippLite power conditioner, which I can hear clicking, though nothing has ever been heard from the newer one (the old one protects my monitors and HP Officejet 8600, plus a few other things that I didn't feel necessary to put on UPS. While the newer one is part of my home theatre setup, mainly my receiver and such. Since the TiVos are on UPS....namly the SmartUPS 1400, since older TiVo HDs have stopped working and I haven't felt the urge to replace the drives in them (had done it once before, and I have a spare [stock 160GB WD AV] somewhere)....or much else, since I have lifetime service on all my TiVos. The new 6 tuner was a future possibility....would likely have it replace the 2 tuner Premiere, would keep the 4 tuner one with it.

Have an OPTI-UPS AVR SS2000 protecting things around my laser printer (along with a Cyberpower CP1285AVRLCD) Wonder how that UPS would work on zen? Though I'm still wishing for a double conversion or online UPS of some sort.... plus its older than my SMART1500, so its probably due for new batteries and its smaller, etc.

Meanwhile, sometime earlier there was a continuous tone coming from somewhere....guess its time for new batteries in my APC BackUPS BX1300LCD. Think I've already replaced batteries once or twice before in it. there goes another two of my 12V9Ah batteries. Couldn't recall what active loads were on it, soon find out its a monitor and my cordless phone base. Though the cordless phone uses the handset's batteries for backup, and see that its plugged into the surge only outlets on the UPS....so I plug that back in....and plug monitor into one of my other Powersource 400's. Should figure out what's what someday....and see about turning pile of bits into a new computer, because any more parts of it go into other computers instead. (though I think too much has moved to complete now....) Plus I'm think of going in a different direction on new hardware now....like perhaps the new Mac Mini, though I'm also considering an iPad Air 2, and can only afford one or the other :..(

Have one other Powersource 400 that is out of service, not sure when I'll get additional batteries to do it. It was part of powering orac, which isn't coming back soon, since I had swiped its powersupply to revive zen during adventure in some other stuck in draft post somewhere. Though the conclusion to that post got done while I had everything shutdown after completing the battery swap on the SMART1500. As for how urgent replacing batteries in it is....would probably deepend on when I get around to figuring out the state of what server I need there. its now down to just 'lhaven' there, and that system is mainly for BOINC projects Radioactive@Home and QuakeCatcherNetwork.

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