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The 2017 Eyeglass Prescription Progression Report


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The 2017 Eyeglass Prescription Progression Report

From my previous prescription and quest to burn FSA dollars....I had a couple of progressives made up. The first from a company where their standard package silently dropped anti-reflection coating if Transistions are selected, with no option to add it back. But offered to do so, if I sent the glasses back to them...but I opted to get non-Transition progressives elsewhere (plus a sunglass pair, which I immediately lost, fell behind..., and never remember to bring/use.) And, then earlier this year to get a letter informing me that my order and its credit card information to have been exposed it a discovered breach. Neither of these two companies were considered this year... But, while I was doing the burn, I had found a site where I could get bifocals...which I had toyed with getting in the past, but had been told that it wasn't possible due to the strong power of my prescription. Perhaps the advancement of high-index materials has changed that.

Or better, yet... another company that would compute intermediate (or reading) full time single vision glasses from my prescription. Which has been wonderful given all the time I spend trying to see both my 'large' widescreen displays through the tiny portion of my progressive lenses... These have become my primary indoor pair, since not a lot of distance needed to see around my home...though its a problem with tablet/e-reader use, though progressive/bifocals don't really address this problem all that well either. The bifocals are a bit better, since at least I can always tell that I'm using the correct part of the lens.

If it weren't for the issue of the first progressives, I probably would've gotten the full time readers during this time.

Since there wasn't a huge change from previous year, I held off on getting new glasses this year...until situation required that I be able to get my new glasses in a predictable time frame...AKA overnight or close to.

This resulted in my me using such a company, where I finally pulled the trigger on an order on a Friday night (though still business hours for the California based business.) I ordered a pair of progressives with Transitions (where I confirmed that the standard package did include AR, though I selected an upgrade... enhanced cleaning, enhanced scratch...though opted out of extra for polycarbonate... And, a full-time reading pair. Got a call shortly after that the single vision pair would be completed and shipped later that day....and arrive on Monday, while the progressives take a bit longer so it would arrive on Tuesday. Which is exactly what happened.

Of the two, the full-time readers have gotten more use....

Oh yeah...the overnight company...was a bit weird...the default is to do orders overnight, but use free ground shipping for delivery. $59 per extra, to get next day delivery. Had note from its online reviews of many complaints that its overnight claim wasn't due to the week+ to get ground delivery. At least it was better than other sites which might offer rush/next day delivery...but the overall delivery time is either 10-13 days using free delivery, or 7-10 days using rush processing/next day delivery. The overnight site did note that due to complexity of my progressives it would take up to 3 days to process.

Though what I'm finding, is that perhaps what I need is a pair glasses that are somewhere between intermediate and reading power for tablet use... especially when powering through a tournament event in Microsoft Solitaire....


I had toyed with whether it would be possible to get bifocal or progressives made with just intermediate and reading (years ago there used to be available office lens progressives, which were basically this, though with a small sliver at the top with distance. Which I had done once, but my prescription then changed significantly a few months later... The German based company that made these is not currently doing business in the US, so haven't been able to try these again...

Perhaps something to consider after my next eye-exam.

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