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TP-Link TR-WR1043ND DoS Protection Feature and QUIC


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TP-Link TR-WR1043ND DoS Protection Feature and QUIC

Though all this might go away, should I ever get around to setting up the 802.11ac router I have (or make my 6th Generation Airport Extreme.) One of these days I'll get around to doing IPv6. Or, renumbering my hosts to something larger than a /24...sometimes I can't remember what I named something :crazy: And, it's become a mix of giving IPs that make sense for what I've added or to keep things together in a block.

IE: my 1st generation Amazon Echo Dot is x.x.x.46, because 46 is the decimal value for '.', I later acquired two more (2nd gen)...and used the last octet of their MAC address for their IP. (e1 -> 241, 49 -> 73)...the last one is coincidently named dot3. My original Amazon Echo is at .101 for the letter 'e', since I ran out of IPs for the section where I had been putting my kindles, I used .118 (v) for my Kindle Voyage....which I got just weeks before they came out with the Oasis. Should've know the reason they had a prime member exclusive sale on them, might have been due to the imminent release of a newer model. Though it remains available, and is currently having another prime member exclusive sale on them... I debated the hassle of returning the Voyage for the much more expensive Oasis...or just sticking it out. I had gotten the 3G version of the Voyage.... IIRC, it about $150 more for the Oasis, perhaps when they have sales on it....

Though these days, what I need is for them to come out with a modern version of a DX (or larger) size, since, at times, I find I need to crank up the zoom...which doesn't leave much of a sentence on the 6" screen.... OTOH, not really finding that I like the iPad Air 2 for Kindle reading....preferring the interface/screen of a Kindle. Though had contemplated purchase of a larger tablet...12.9 inch iPad Pro or an 18" Samsung Galaxy View, or perhaps I should finish customizing my latest Chromebook convertible...and see if its 13.3" screen in tablet mode would work. Though an issue I've right now is its use of yet another charger style....it's my first USB-C device. I prefer to have one 'permanent' home charger and one that I keep in my travel bag.... The first one, a Samsung, used a really tiny special plug which was hard to find extra chargers for, I got a non-OEM one (from eBay) that was my home charger for it, since the plug was finicky and the way it had been grafted on didn't look like it would hold up being in my travel bag. The next one was an Acer, where I got a universal laptop power adapter that came with the needed plug for it (as my other universal adapters didn't include a plug that small, and most were already discontinued models when I had purchased them...so trying to find extra tips for them....) And, then along comes my latest Acer Chromebook which uses USB-C. If only I had known when I purchased a 5-port 60W USB intelli charger....that I should've been looking for one with USB-C, though only having 2 or 3 USB ports with the USB-C.... I'm not currently using all the ports, but I wanted the room for growth, or to get more cables so that I don't need to switch...though using one device means I can plug in the other that I'm not using, has generally been fine (though the lightning plug seems to be failing, due to using it plugged into my iPad Air2. Has been interesting that Fire tablets have the charging port in the 'top' or 'side' instead of 'bottom' (though using the tablet inverted is possible, but using the front camera isn't as pleasant or having the home button at the top....) Been looking at Amazon listings for replacement lightning cables, and have noticed some having high flex ratings at the connector....wonder which one of those I'll try as replacements. Wonder if they'll have a lightning sale on them at some point in the future :DD

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