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  01:00:52 pm, by The Dreamer   , 200 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, Home Theatre, HDTV

I think I want an Apple TV


I've been catching up on various shows that I recorded during the summer (while I was busy securing a new job and relocating, etc.)....and the latest array is Eureka.

I'm hooked. Unfortunately, my ReplayTV couldn't cope with the screwiness that is SciFi....which fails to deliver content at the scheduled time. Sometimes it missed the show completely...most of the time it started 5 minutes late.

But, I do have recourse....either I could find somebody else with it on their ReplayTV to send it to me, and wait patiently for its arrival. Or, a second option I discovered (while browsing on, I could purchase the episodes from Apple iTunes.

Except that it would be much more enjoyable if I could watch the episode on by 43" HDTV and 5.1 surround sound system than on my computer....

Wonder if there'll be a University price for this....

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  06:46:16 pm, by The Dreamer   , 97 words  
Categories: Software

Didn't get one year

I thought when I bought Norton Antivirus 2006, it was for a 1 year subscription. Well, it isn't even 11 months yet, but after a long spell of not using my laptop....I've discovered that it is showing my subscription as expired.

I'm still trying to decide if 2007 is what I want to be running on my desktop....Yahoo! Widgets seems to be running tons slower, and I suspect its the Antivirus...and its insistence of applying additional firewalls and worm protection. But, I can't seem to get it to release Yahoo! Widgets to run without resorting to its removal. >:-(


  12:05:26 am, by The Dreamer   , 242 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, Hardware, Computer

Thinking of building another computer.

Some time ago, I had decided that I didn't want to build any more computers from scratch.

There's kind of that painful process of getting various odds and ends to work nicely in one unit.

Though a combination of my current living situation and the fact that I'm about to upgrade my main desktop computer from 1GB to 2GB, and will end up with 1GB of perfectly good memory. And, I've been in need of upgrading or adding another computer to my setup. Though it'll be another Windows box. Which I'm not totally thrilled about, but the overworked P-III 933MHz machine that is maxed at 512MB (i815 limitation) starting to hinder things.

Its just a matter of working the timing though. But, while researching what I bits I might accumulate to make this happen....occurs to me that there are other upgrades I've been meaning to make to my main desktop. Namely upgrade the main drive from the original 120GB to a 500GB drive. The 120GB could go in the new box, or I might choose to get something bigger. Haven't decided.

Though other big drives are on the horizon....and some might happen before I actually get around to this (or that?) upgrade.

Not sure when the Mac's are going to get acquired now.....

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  11:50:05 pm, by The Dreamer   , 373 words  
Categories: Software

Good-bye Avira AntiVir (Free-AV), hello Norton?

The other day, I woke up to evidence that AntiVir 7.5 had done its annoying update....and it had an extra popup. It was reporting that one of my main spyware tools was now a trojan horse, and it didn't give me much in the way of choices. Ignore was a choice, but it kept popping the dialog back up every few seconds. And, I wasn't going to select any of the other options.

So, I removed AntiVir. Decided that maybe I would go back to a paid version of Symantec Antivirus.

I used run it, but my subscription lapsed...and I was unemployed for an extended spell. And, then later I have 'free' use of the corporate version through work. Though work changed to Trend Micro....and Trend messed up all kinds of stuff, like removing my webcam classifying it as spyware. And, it didn't give me any options on what to do with it...removing it was the only thing it would allow me to do, and did so automatically.

So, I had set out trying different free-AntiVirus packages.

Now, I'm running a trial version of Symantec.

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  04:37:58 pm, by The Dreamer   , 261 words  
Categories: ReplayTV, Cable HD DVR, OTA HDTV

Terk HDTVlp Amplified HDTV Antenna

During the holidays, I got to thinking again that I would really like someway to receive FOX HDTV (as well as any other OTA HDTV that I could get to help relieve the load on the Cox HD DVR)....

Before moving here to Manhattan, KS...some one had mentioned the Terk HDTVlp antenna as one that I might need to consider.

When I got here, I did set up on of my OTA HDTV Tuners...and try the non-amplified directional HDTV antennas (ZHDTV1) that I was previously using in Dublin, OH to receive OTA HD. It couldn't find any signal at all. Given that the nearest antenna is about ~32 miles away (CBS) and the one that I'm most interested in is ~43 miles away (FOX)...and in the opposite direction from all the rest (CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS).

Well, I finally scored an HDTVlp antenna...and set it up today. It didn't pan out....the only station I can pull in is WIBW-DT, which is the CBS stations that is ~32 miles away. I tried various orientations of the antenna, but it only affected how well it would receive CBS.... :..(

Now I'm trying to decide if I'll take the chance and buy another amplified antenna.... Perhaps something a bit more directional.

Meanwhile, I'm also trying to decide if I'll use the fact that I can at least get CBS....and take the load off of my Cox HD DVR some. It'll likely be to record HD content that I don't currently record using the HD DVR or content that I'm willing to sacrifice....

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  08:42:43 pm, by The Dreamer   , 9 words  
Categories: DVDs / NetFlix

DVD: The Da Vinci Code


  11:58:24 pm, by The Dreamer   , 147 words  
Categories: Travel

Got my luggage

A lot sooner than I was expecting.... )-o

It looked to be in reasonable shape as it was rolling towards me....closer inspection, it was kind of grungy...and there's a strange bludge on one side. But, probably still usable.

And, the luggage lock was still intact and showing nobody had opened it with a TSA key.

But, it was another story when I opened it. I didn't see how bad at first, but there was a nice smell about things.... My bottle of Herbal Essence shampoo had gotten busted open....there were other bits that looked broken all about.

Though now that I've gone through everything....the shampoo bottle was probably the worst thing that got broken in there...and electric toothbrush the most expensive thing broke. The silk shirt I got for Christmas is proably more expensive, but it should wash out fine.

  09:37:34 pm, by The Dreamer   , 76 words  
Categories: Travel

Got a call for US MHK

Seems, they have my luggage. Except they don't deliver bags (anymore). So, I would need to come down and pick it up.....which is kind of difficult for somebody that doesn't drive.... :**:

Don't know if I can wrangle a ride from anybody at this hour or tomorrow....being the Friday before a long weekend.

Wait! The guy at the airport has offered to bring it home to me after he get's off work...after 11pm.

Wow :>>


  11:04:36 pm, by The Dreamer   , 335 words  
Categories: Travel

Houston, we have a luggage problem -


I've been getting a lot of links, messages, emails on this news article....because I'm still wondering where my luggage is from the United flight of December 24th.

This evening I called again for an update....kept getting disconnected by the baggage line. Called customer relations....also kept getting disconnected. Finally (at about 6:55pm) instead of pressing a number between 1 and 4...I pressed 0, and got a person.

Who said I needed to call the baggage line, offered to transfer me....but disconnected me instead. When I called back (7:00pm), I was informed that they were now closed for the day.... >:(

Went to calling the baggage number....after about a dozen tries, I eventually landed in the hold queue to talk to an agent. But, the story was the same.... >:-(

The system shows the bag was last scanned at Kansas City International and is out for delivery, but no delivery information was available. Its been 2 days....I sure hope they aren't walking the bag from Kansas City....

The agent kept putting me on hold for 'some' time, as he tried to get more information on the actual delivery state of my luggage. Finally, he reported that it was being turned over to US Airways for expedited delivery to the Manhattan airport and eventually would get delivered to my home.

But, I should check back in 2-3 hours for an update on status. So, I did some work....and now I'm tired....:yawn:

But, since it has been 3.5 hours...a quick check of the online change. Still says it is being delivered, with a delivery date of December 25th, 2006 and time of between 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM. :##

Already stayed home from work during the day on the 26th waiting for it, though I did go in in the evening to get some work done. Since they've kept saying that I'll be called for delivery, I opted to go into work this morning...and I guess I'll continue to do so....all the while, waiting for the call. )-o


  04:52:34 pm, by The Dreamer   , 356 words  
Categories: Travel

I am never gonna fly United again!



I had a bad experience flying with United back in September, but apparently I didn't learn from that mistake....because I booked my holiday flight (December 19th-24th) on United again.

This time they misplaced my bag somewhere in Denver, as I flew home from Calgary to Kansas City....

I checked several times on the status on December 25th....when they finally reported it as found and that it would be delivered....with a delivery date of December 25th and a time of 12:00am-12:00am.

I called at 7:21am this morning, to see when it would get delivered. They said that they show it in Kansas City and that the delivery company picks up at 8am, so to call back at 9am if I don't get an update on its delivery status.

I called back at 10:06am, to get the status....after going through the automated system, it disconnected me. So, I called again at 10:09am. The agent says its showing as in Kansas City, but no delivery information is available. And, nobody there is answering their phones so they can't tell me anything more. But that they would send a priority message asking for status and to maybe call back later.

I called back at 4:08pm.....and 4:12pm....and 4:16pm....and then try customer relations line (another automated phone system) 3 times....each time with them finding some new creative way for the automated system to dump me off the line. Finally, I call the baggage line again...but this time I stay silent waiting for it to pass me to an agent....

This lands me on hold for an indeterminate amount of time.....but once again, the agent says that my bag is in Kansas City, but no delivery information has been entered. And, nobody there is answering the phone. So, I should call back in 3-4 hours to see if any progress has been made. I explain that this is one of those 'later' calls, but she won't help me further....and this time instead of ending the call by asking if there is anything else she can help me with, its just good bye.


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