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In response to: irssi save buffer

derkirche [Visitor]

You can also save the messages that are in the buffer for the current channel with just:

/lastlog -file (insert filename here)

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In response to: DuPont™ Electronic Metered Deluxe Faucet Mount - FM350 Series Premium Filter

vince_philadelphia [Member]

faucet was leaking at base after being about 15-20 gallons into water filter. So I thought I,d try turning down the water pressure at the sink useing the under sink shut off valves. The leaking stopped but now water comes out of both the filtered and unfiltered parts at the same time all the time no matter whether it,s set to filtered or unfiltered; and the meter is on every time the water is turned on whether filtered or unfiltered.

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In response to: DuPont™ Electronic Metered Deluxe Faucet Mount - FM350 Series Premium Filter

Loreocookies [Visitor]

This was so helpful to me. I’ve had my digital read filter for 5 years and I could not get it to stop flushing. I taped a quarter to the back of the filter, got the three dash flas five times, flushed again and It’s working. Ty so much!

Walmart by me sells the 100 gallon replacements but I usually order the three pack 200 gallon replacements from amazon. I’m so happy I found your post. Saved me $40 buying a replacement unit :)

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Dianna Wichman

In response to: Sleep Apnea disqualifies you from being a bone marrow donor?

Dianna Wichman [Visitor]

I have been donating plasma at Biolife for many years. I have had obstructive sleep apnea since I began donating probably 5-7 years ago. They have known about my apnea since the beginning and now all of sudden, I can no longer donate. Unless, of course, I want to go through the whole entire process of having a sleep study in the hopes of a new diagnosis. My internal medicine doctor wrote them a letter giving her approval, but they still said, “No".

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James G

In response to: sonewconn: pcb 0xfffffe006acd9310: Listen queue overflow: 8 already in queue awaiting acceptance

James G [Visitor]

Brilliant article, helped me a lot. I was running dbmail (mail server) on FreeBSD 9.2 and started getting this issue:-

Listen queue overflow: 193 already in queue awaiting acceptance

Using your article I was able to narrow down what was happening so thanks for a great article :)


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Pat Taylor Gilbreath

In response to: DuPont™ Electronic Metered Deluxe Faucet Mount - FM350 Series Premium Filter

Pat Taylor Gilbreath [Visitor]

:?:I’m having trouble finding a new filter for my kitchen DuPont metered 200 gal .faucet mount ! I bought it at Walmart in Gun Barrel City , Tx over a year ago & they don’t carry the filter for it anymore !! I’m over 50 miles from Dallas or Tyler & not able to get there to shop ! Can you help me ? Thanks ! My cell # is 9038803085 !

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In response to: Wonder if this will work - package_method=>freebsd_portmaster and /var/db/pkg

The Dreamer [Member]

It didn’t….and neither did package_policy => “reinstall”

Next up is add package_select/package_version, since that’s what it complained about in refusing to reinstall.

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In response to: The risk of high uptimes....

The Dreamer [Member]

Well, cbox rebooted fine, except that I forgot to run ‘freebsd-update install’ before doing it.

Meanwhile, rebooting my FreeBSD workstation at work ‘mew’ didn’t go as planned. I rebooted it before going for lunch, though the hardware seems to intermittently not want to reboot…and this was one of those times.

Did reveal that my new nagios is still busted in one area….it still won’t send sms notifications. Maybe I’ll try writing a command object for it from scratch….

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Lawrence "The Dreamer" Chen's Blog

In response to: ddclient & squid

Ubuntu squid with SSL
This is an update to the “ddclient & squid” here

Ran into a new problem recently….though the need for SSL in squid on ubuntu is deprecated, by the fact that I’m slowly replacing this server with a FreeBSD server.

As a result, I don’t pay at…

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Don Bores

In response to: Quicken 2012 Premier One Step Update started failing....

Don Bores [Visitor]

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your trouble shooting this. I had the same problem since Dec. ‘12 with automatic updates failing for all my accounts except Discover. Always had some annoying message like “we are aware of this problem and are working to correct it. Please try again tomorrow.” Quicken support is pretty much useless. What was so puzzling is that I could download transactions manually without incident using FF and Chrome.

I’m using Quicken Premier 2010 on W7 and IE10. I unchecked TLS 1.2 in IE10 and every account downloaded without a problem.

I’m back in business. Thank You for figuring this out. I have been using Quicken since it came out in the early ’90’s? My Quicken 2010 is sunsetting all online transaction capability at the end of this month. I dread the forced “upgrade” to Q2013. There are a lot of very dissatisfied users with the release and no longer a real alternative.

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In response to: Blast it, I missed a payment

The Dreamer [Member]

Just got a message that they’ll reverse the late fee charged to my card.

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In response to: Chase Fraud Fail

Shoutheasken1961 [Visitor]

i guess it needs what is the best way.

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In response to: ddclient & squid

The Dreamer [Member]

Because the only way to tell if there’s been a new squid, is to use update-manager…and I generally don’t use the head on the server running squid. Can’t tell if there’s a new package or not… There was one a while back, but its probably not going to change until I upgrade to precise….

But, an alternate process would be to alter the version string abit… using this process:

apt-get source squid
apt-get build-dep squid
apt-get install devscripts build-essential fakeroot
cd squid-2.7.STABLE7
dch -v $CURRENT_VERSION+local
vi debian/rules
Add –enable-ssl \ to “# Configure the package” section
debuild -us -uc -b
cd ..
dpkg -i squid??? squid-common???

Where $CURRENT_VERSION is from the top of debian/changelog. It in fact has you add a new entry to the changelog….

To remove the hold use:

% sudo dpkg –set-selections
squid install
squid-common install
squid-cgi install


% sudo dpkg-unhold squid squid-common squid-cgi

Which does the dpkg --set-selections process for you.

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Jason Scott

In response to: Sleep Apnea disqualifies you from being a bone marrow donor?

Jason Scott [Visitor]

So is this for central sleep apnea or obstructive sleep apnea?
I have obstructive sleep apnea, and doctors have had no qualms about giving me general anesthesia.

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In response to: Chase Fraud Fail

Chricand34 [Visitor]

Oh,,that sucks. Do whats the best way, anyways thanks for sharing, in a way people aware that case.

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one cup coffee maker

In response to: Interesting progression in eyeglass prescription....

one cup coffee maker
Interesting progression in eyeglass prescription….

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In response to: I got a Brother DCP-7065DN

The Dreamer [Member]

Found a problem….can’t do duplexing from FreeBSD. Hopefully its just a matter of tweaking the PPD? So, maybe I need to learn how to do that.

‘cause I’m thinking of migrating the server roles of box/orac (dns,ntp,dhcp,radius,cacti,nagios,mrtg,etc.) to a pair of FreeBSD headless servers.

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Lawrence "The Dreamer" Chen's Blog

In response to: How to check your PD

Glasses are fixed
The previous posting How to check your PD, was a prelude to ordering a replacement pair of glasses online. Which seems to have turned into a mini-review of 3 online companies….

First: Given the hassle of getting dental costs reimbursed by my limit&…

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Aiping Wang Fulepp

In response to: Chase Fraud Fail

Aiping Wang Fulepp [Visitor]

the best way is to change the card,,

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In response to: I got a Brother DCP-7065DN

The Dreamer [Member]

Since Ubuntu 12.04LTS wouldn’t install on my computer…I switched to FreeBSD. Fortunately, I was able to get the DCP-7065DN working using the “Foomatic/hl1250″ driver.

There was also no Photosmart 8400 specific filter, for my old HP Photosmart 8450xi…so, I’m using something that provides “Foomatic/gutenprint-ijs.5.2″

But, someday it might be time to replace the old HP Photosmart 8450xi….it turns 7 later this month…..before it shakes itself apart.

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Beatta Shepek  2964 Jack Circle   Salina, Ks 67401

In response to: Westar's Average Pay Plan

Beatta Shepek 2964 Jack Circle Salina, Ks 67401 [Visitor]

I though I was on the average monthly payment plan but it appears I am not as my electric bill doubled in the last month with my thermnostat set at 72 or 74. If I am not on the average monthly payment plan, I really need to be as a 75 year old needs all the help she cn get. Thanks, Beatta Shepek

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In response to: I got a Brother DCP-7065DN

The Dreamer [Member]

The next printer I’m wishing for is a mobile one….the BJ-5e could’ve been a mobile printer….though I don’t think my current laptops have parallel ports. Though they both have bluetooth.

Kind of wondering about the Brother PocketJet 6 Plus.

Even if the primary purpose would be to print boarding passes when traveling….when doing online check in. So, most of them kind of price out of my range, or aren’t mobile enough….

I have also wished for a mobile scanner…though I could probably continue to without just fine….

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Business Development Consultant

In response to: Call from Chase Fraud Department today

Business Development Consultant
Enjoyed every bit of your blog post.

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Business Development Consultant

In response to: New Computer - Gateway GT5636E Core 2 Quad

Business Development Consultant
Great thanks for sharing this article post.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on…

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In response to: Sleep Apnea disqualifies you from being a bone marrow donor?

yutianshow [Visitor]


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ακτοπλοικα εισητ&#951

In response to: I almost needed to buy a new router...

ακτοπλοικα εισητηρια
Major thankies for the article.Much thanks again. Great.

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Mary Pruitt

In response to: Rare Disease Day 2012

Mary Pruitt [Visitor]

Thank you for supporting Rare Disease Day! My son Gage passed away from a rare genetic disease called early-onset LAL deficiency (also known as Wolman disease) in 2009. Rare Disease Day means so much to the millions of people and families affected by the approximately 7,000 rare diseases. Thanks again! Mary

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λευκανση στα δοντ

In response to: I got a new phone, and it's ... bricked, bricked ... rooted!

λευκανση στα δοντια
Very good article. Awesome.

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Elmo A. Sutherland

In response to: Chase Fraud Fail

Elmo A. Sutherland [Visitor]

it would be a better decission ,, thanks for sharing i look forward to hear from you on this site,,,,

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φθηνα αεροπορικα 

In response to: Dropbox offers up to 5GB of free space to anyone willing to go beta -- Engadget

φθηνα αεροπορικα εισητηρια
I loved your blog.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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Organic Coffee with Ganoderma Lucidum from Organo Gold

In response to: I got a new Panasonic Electro Thermo Pot

Organic Coffee with Ganoderma Lucidum from Organo Gold
I got a new Panasonic Electro Thermo Pot

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Linda Laguna

In response to: Denpa MZ-22 Also Fail

Linda Laguna [Visitor]

Linda Laguna
I really like and appreciate your blog post. Great.

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Chris Orosco

In response to: Oops!Backup, Crashplan and RAID5 OCE on Zen

Chris Orosco [Visitor]

Chris Orosco
Thanks for the blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.

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In response to: QHDHP, HSA and Chronic conditions

coulpes [Visitor]

QHDHP, HSA and Chronic conditions

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Yaretzi Lindo

In response to: Merry Christmas ... Home Sweet Home.

Yaretzi Lindo [Visitor]

Yaretzi Lindo
Very good article post.Really thank you! Want more.

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φιλοξενία ιστοσε&#955

In response to: Happy New Year....the move is on

φιλοξενία ιστοσελίδων
Really informative blog post.Really thank you! Want more.

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In response to: Blog Software Update to 4.1.2

The Dreamer [Member]

Well, this notification seemed to go ok…once I fixed a permissions problem that was preventing me from running the cron_exec.php from admin. Wonder, if it impacted local cron run in an more obscure way?

Meanwhile…right after the upgrade….I’m getting trackback spam. Hmm, the old DNS trackback antispam plugin got disabled…wonder if it needs to be upgraded?

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In response to: Getting dry in my condo, cooler too.

The Dreamer [Member]

Neat thing about how Amazon broke things out…is that the ‘free’ item ended up as its own shipment/charge. But, they applied the credit proportionally spread out over the 4 items (4 of the 5 shipments/charges)….which due to round-offs, increased the credit by 1 cent. :D

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In response to: New batteries in Panasonic ES7037 Shaver

Andy [Visitor]

The new Panasonic shavers can finally take standard AA replacements (without the special posts), so when my gave out after only 6 months I was able to put in a pair of eneloops, which are 50% heavier than the originals. Hopefully things will now last much more than just 6 months.

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In response to: Cyberweek Activities

The Dreamer [Member]

Starting to wish I hadn’t named the ‘new’ computer ‘lhaven’. Because….its nothing like the old ‘lhaven’, and now I can’t use that name should I ever get around to what I had intended to do to replace that machine. Or do the kinds of things I used to do on ‘lhaven’ besides run BOINC.

I had started the tedious process of customizing the Windows XP environment to make it useable…but I stopped, Because, the only reason it exists is to be a full-time BOINC machine. So, it likely won’t be useful for anything else. Though I might want to move Wallwatcher from ‘tardis’ over to it…sometime between now and when ‘tardis’ regenerates. Forget what else I have that’s still running on the old ‘tardis’ that couldn’t make it to Windows 7.

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In response to: Cyberweek Activities

The Dreamer [Member]

Oh yeah….with CO detector setup….the display is reading ‘0′. Guess its all good then….

Meanwhile, one of the other Cyberweek activities was I bought a new domain…. and .com one. (previously mentioned a kindle fire motivation to wanting a .com domain name.) Though I don’t know if I’ll ever develop a website for it….or what to do with the web part. Leave it pointed at the 403 error page, for not having a doc root yet….

Going to be super tedious though to migrate all my addresses to it.

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In response to: I guess it was time to replace my WRT54GS routers

The Dreamer [Member]

Found a newer build of dd-wrt, and performance seems to be somewhat better now.

Newer build also has tcp congestion control, which seems interesting…given that I don’t do VoIP on cable, ATM. It might be okay to with without QoS, though don’t have any IVS transfers going on right now…so that might change things.

But, did some quick speedtests..and the numbers were way beyond what I should get….suspect ISP compression is skewing things…like 22M/8M….

Left QoS enabled on DSL though….but got down that was better than before (though still less than without QoS)…up was still kind of low…but I didn’t go over to other computer to stop a transfer on there.

Meanwhile…while browsing routers on Amazon…apparently I accidentally clicked 1-click buy on something…instead of add to wishlist, and I didn’t even notice the different screen. Or maybe its the annoying Amazon Toolbar that bit me….hate that when I type a search in there, it puts the result into the tab that I’m on….plus it starting to suggest results made it hard to see what I was typing into the search box.

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Lawrence "The Dreamer" Chen's Blog

In response to: Eyeglass Prescription Oct 14, 2010

Eyeglass Prescription Nov 3, 2011
Today I had my latest eye exam….

Updating the progression of prescriptions:

2003: OD -5.00 -1.00 075 OS -8.00
2005: OD -4.25 -1.00 080 OS -7.00 -0.75 045
2006: OD -4.50 -1.00 055 OS -6.50 -1.00 035
2008: OD -5.25 -1.00 060 …

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In response to: My new CPAP, and final download from the old?

The Dreamer [Member]

BTW, I found the power cord….it was in the box under the travel bag and packing insert….odd because the machine and my humidifier were in there when it came shipped, but they didn’t put the cord in there (where I was expecting to find it….)

Still haven’t decided if I’ll purchase DC power for this (or my old CPAP)…plan to stick to having old CPAP for travel, since it fits nicely into my regular carry-on bag (a FastPack 250).

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In response to: Swinging for Sleep Campaign With Nicole Jeray

The Dreamer [Member]

I met Nicole Jeray during the welcome reception at the Narcolepsy Networking Conference, surprised how she picked up my name and everything….

Knew I was one of the people that had pledged to her Swinging for Sleep fundraiser. Though later in the conference I learned that there were only 18 of us.

Maybe next year will be better, she says she’s gonna try to make 150 birdies.

Wonder if I’ll kill the same pledge amount or go with more?

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