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The Dreamer Claims A(nother?) Victim!

Link: http://remrunner.blogspot.com/2012/04/legs-on-fire-starting-my-training-for.html

What did Julie Flygare do to deserve this? I have no idea....

She ran the Boston Marathon in 2010 for Wake Up Narcolepsy....before I knew who she was and what Narcolepsy is. But, somebody had apparently told her to be on the look out for me at the Narcolepsy Network Conference in Crystal City, Arlington, VA.... but I didn't really learn much about her until I started following her blog and other online presence after that conference.

I learned a lot at the conference, and continued to learn after the conference...including lots of stuff about myself. I'm still a work in progress. (idiopathic hypersomnia, hypnagogia, hypnic jerk, sleep paralysis, automatic behavior, long sleep, etc.)

But, back to Julie.... because I was stalking her online.... about a week and half ago, this post from a few days earlier caught my eye:

In My Father's Footsteps: Trying to Find Registration for Mt Washington Road Race to run in my father's honor on Father's Day for charity

So, I did a little research of my own.... and then wrote this blog entry on my Tumblr site: REM Runner wants to run The Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race 2012 -- In memory of her father and to raise money for Narcolepsy Awareness and Research.

I have my Tumblr site set to tweet my posts.

Using the APA Style

LawrenceChen. (2012, Mar 25). REM Runner wants to run The Northeast Delta Dental Mount Washington Road Race 2012 - In memory of her father... http://tmblr.co/ZmWZfwIYfD1N [Twitter post.] Retrieved from https://twitter.com/#!/LawrenceChen/status/183999798339313665

Which surprisingly lead to this tweet:

NortheastDelta. (2012, Mar 27). @LawrenceChen Tom Raffio the CEO of @NortheastDelta will be contacting soon. :) [Twitter post.] Retrieved from https://twitter.com/#!/NortheastDelta/status/184740188797419520


NortheastDelta. (2012, Mar 27). @LawrenceChen - for clarification - we are contacting Julie re the Mount Washington Road Race :) [Twitter post.] Retrieved from https://twitter.com/#!/NortheastDelta/status/184745755431550976

Concluding with

RemRunner. (2012, Mar 27). @NortheastDelta @LawrenceChen Thank you so much! REM Runnning up a mountain for my dad would be the honor of a lifetime! [Twitter post.] Retrieved from https://twitter.com/#!/RemRunner/status/184749224636850177

And, then it seemed like an eternity passed before I heard anything further...until I spotted her "Legs on Fire" post this morning.... Guess that means my next project is to get her published ;D

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Twitter Games

I might be addicted....ever since I got invited to play Spymaster.

Since then I've started playing other twitter games, such as:

MobsterWorld: http://www.playmobsterworld.com/?platform=facebook&refuid=17027471&source=direct_install


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It Works! It Lives! It something something something ???

Link: http://b2evolution.net/news/2009/08/09/b2evo-3-3-1-stable-released

:cool: Yay! Asynchronous twitter notification of blog posts are working now.

What did I do? Why I upgraded to 3.3.1....

Realizing that today is a holiday and the weekly backup of my blog takes place on Monday morning, I decided that maybe sometime this afternoon would be a good time to make the push to the latest release....rather than go out into the nice weather and shop. :crazy:

I had only done a quick of read of the upgrade process yesterday, and it didn't seem too daunting. Though I knew there were a set of customizations here and there that I would need to migrate.

I opted to move the various dirs of the old install aside and slowly transfer to new stuff up. With a few exceptions...like merging media and plugins, and getting my tweaks to the 'custom' skin over.

Only somewhere in the process of copying things over, I realized I hadn't actually done the update 'custom' skin step....so there was a mad dash to put that in. (I recall old skins are mostly compatible, so I could've copied my old 'custom' over the new one...but opted to figure out my changes and apply them to the new.)

Once over, things went pretty much straight forward. Only one skin element failed to work, I kept staring at the code, but couldn't figure out why...until I happened to look at the old source on the hosting side. Guess I had changed bits through ssh and not copied them back to my work area. Someday I'll have to get my work area back in sync with what's being hosted. )-o

The other loss is that I had updated what smilies I have on this blog and the character translations....I think I got that back.

I then went through the settings reviewing stuff to see that I had things right and to see what stuff is new....

I think everything is sufficiently back to normal, so I'm calling it done. :lalala:

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doing Twitter Test

Let's see if the latest muck up of my blog makes the twitter plugin work correctly in asynchronous mode.


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b2evo to twitter not working asynchronously

Guess the upgrade to 2.4.7 didn't fix the problem.


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Guess twitter plugin works, or does it?

Worked when I immediately forced the pending notifcation to run, how about if I don't? :hmm:

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Another twitter test

Seems it only worked immediate, not asynchronously. :hmm:

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Testing Twitter Plugin

This is a test, and only a test.... :lalala:

Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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